Monday, April 27, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 2 - last minutes in EVE

Welcome to a new episode of Ninja Salvaging Series season 2. High-sec is a fascinating place. You would think "high security" would be the place where you can relax, do your things and not care too much about your surroundings. However I sometimes think it has the opposite effect. People I meet in high-sec are most agitated, angry and overreacting. All they need is a little trigger and they will use you to unleash all the hate they have inside. That, however, does not apply for everyone.

A fair game

There are people that like to keep a cool head. I scan down a Rattlesnake, start my salvaging and looting operations and he casually yellowboxes me and opens fire. I casually scram him and kill his drones. Then I proceed throwing my blaster ammo to his shields. 

Which doesn't do shit. Rattlesnakes are a tough nut to crack. Last time I engaged one in w-space, I couldn't break tank with 3 Navy Dominixes, what can my single Enyo, with 1/8th dps do? This will take awhile. Even though Rattlesnake does not do much damage to my ship, I get in a logi anyways, in hope he would aggress my 2nd character. All while I have my Orca inbound and secondary logi waiting on standby. While rattlesnake is not going anywhere, I see an interesting sight on my short range scan:

Looks like 2 Tengus are coming in for help. As I am suspect and my logi pilots are suspect too, I am a fair game for anyone to shoot me. I doubted if I could tank all 3 with only 3 medium reps on my Augorors. Enyo could tank it, but if they focus on my logi and have webs, I might have tough time.

I try to spin various scenarios in my head, but a chance of winning seems very slim. Only way I can win is if they shoot my logi and I can tank them, while tackling. Then I could swap for bigger ship with my main and have a fight. Unfortunately as Tengus approach the gate, I decide to bail. Somehow my gut was against it. It is very likely he might get more help as fight drags on. I warp out. Later I doubted if choice was right. Reason I fly cheap t1 ships is because I can risk them losing without getting expensive loss and providing nice kills to the care bears. I guess I had not warmed up yet for high-sec pvp. Another time perhaps.

A tragedy loss in high-sec

While some people keep their cool head and don't panic. They take their loss, try to break through or ask for help, there are others that any interaction with another player is perceived as worst thing that could happen in MMO.

You may ask what so terrifying could have happened to make a fellow player to quite EVE. A multibillion cargo ship was ganked? A multibillion pod was destroyed? Has been scammed of all his assets? You would be surprised.

It all started when I visited Alotta, a Dominix pilot, in his mission. He was happily shooting npc with his mobile tractor unit out. I believe every mtu is an invitation to pvp. Be it a duel of sorts. So I have opened fire. Alotta did not take it kindly. He locked me and unleashed his drones after my Enyo. Afterall, what could a mere frigate do to a drone battleship? As time was passing by and Dominix tank was breaking, I initiated convo to see if I could get paid for my efforts to entertain people of high-sec.

I offered a 200 mil. A more than fair amount for a Dominix. Alotta did not think this way. For him, approaching explosion of his ship was a reason enough to quit this game. I feared I might have met a new player that have been mining for a long time and finally bought a Dominix to do missions, which he was about to lose. I quickly checked his background.

That didn't seem to be the case. He was a 2011 pilot, only a half year older than me. I was confused. I tried to salvage the situation.

Despite the fact that he was free to not to open fire and just scoop his mtu and continue his mission, he decided to kill a much inferior ship. As usual, when things don't go their way, carebears are suddenly a victim. As if they had no choice and were forced into this situation. Like ship locked and shot by himself. Baffled, I asked to clarify what was the problem. Turns out, a pvp situation in a pvp mmo is a reason to quit the game. So what Alotta Audeles was doing during his time in EVE while playing?

Well, not that much. Since his character creation in 2011, he had only 2 recorded losses in his name, both of which were result of our encounter - a death of his ship and pod. It again shows in what terrible state high-sec is. How many pilots are out there that have never experienced anything besides mining and missions? It's up to us to save it.

I try to talk in some sense. It's my duty to show the other side of this game to such pilots.

Unfortunately my efforts fell on deaf years. Instead of making the best of situation and starting fresh, hopefully with a new look at EVE, Alotta chose to wave the white flag and gave up. First loss in this game was too much for her handle. It was time to pack her things and leave.

It was nothing I could do to change her mind. A Dominix loss sealed the fate. Game was ruined beyond repair. I wish best of luck for Alotta in her future endeavors. There are plenty PVE games out there, that do not force you into player interaction. Meanwhile, people like me will keep fighting for high-sec they believe in.


  1. The problem is, you are retarded. Eve is not a pvp game. Its a sandbox game. And that means if someone doesnt want to pvp he should not be forced into it. But gj. One less player. One less customer for ccp. Brainless retard you are...

    1. No need for profanity. He could have ignored pvp aspect and carried on with his mission, but he chose to engage in pvp by shooting me.

  2. " but he chose to engage in pvp by shooting me." let's see how'd this all start? oh yeah...."It all started when I visited Alotta, a Dominix pilot, in his mission. He was happily shooting npc with his mobile tractor unit out. I believe every mtu is an invitation to pvp. Be it a duel of sorts. So I have opened fire. " Nope you choose to be the aggressor.

    Heard in court...."He shot at I shot back....after I broke into his house" guilty guilty guilty