Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life in Rancer

I have been trying to find my place in EVE. After my wormhole corp disbanded, I wanted go back to pirate life. In my early days I moved to low-sec. I became pirate and have been enjoying this type of life for a long time. I have been very fond of those days so I wanted experience same thing again.

Finding Rancer

I've been in several corps, but didn't really fit in. Either it was too small, too big, area too inactive or something else. I was giving up hope, until I found a recruitment ad in eve forums. It was TunDraGon corp. They seemed to do everything I was looking for.

✓ Gate camping
✓ BLOPS dropping
✓ Smartbombing
✓ Baiting

In other words, being sort of assholes. Not to mention, they are living in Rancer. A well known system through EVE. One of transit systems between Jita and Minmatar space that people go through. It has some traffic. Unfortunately, everyone who has been playing for awhile, knows Rancer and tries to avoid it. For good reason. Everyone in corp multiboxes. Some guy multibox 10+ ships.

He usually uses t1 logi, but I've seen him use 10 smartbombers and kill a cloaky tengu. It was amazing. It is something I wanted to do, however with ISBoxer key broadcasting now being illegal I do not know how he is not getting banned. Good for him I guess.

Smartbombing covertops

So how does our schedule look? Well, something like this:

Everyday we smartbomb. These guys are experts at it. When I used to smartbomb in my early days, I used to use stopwatch to measure covert ops and try to time smartbombs on that second. There is much easier way and I can't believe I haven't thought about it.

One guy "rolls" one by one his smartbombs while others wait for aggro message to appear and then quickly rolls theirs smartbombs. End result - dead covert ops frigate. It's amazing. I had so much joy killing cloaky ships, pods, interceptors. It's something I really wanted to get out of my system.

There is nothing more rewarding than killing a 2 bil pod passing by.

Or catching 1 bil worth travel fit interceptor that thought nobody could lock him and it is safe to transport goods.

So this is the life in Rancer. You do not have that many fleet fights. Since I joined the corp, we have been dropped only once. Dreads were dropped and they failed to kill Vargur with 10 Augorors repping him, before he jumped out. Then again, all corp is fully equiped with triage Archons and Dreads themselves. Most people leave Rancer alone and we continue smartbombing.

While it's been quite fun to be a traffic control of Rancer, it kinda gets boring. I love smartbombing and killing players that do not expect to be killed, but getting 300 mil pod is not so rewarding anymore. It became routine pretty fast and I need to think what I should do next. to spice up my game.

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