Monday, January 18, 2016

Life in the jungle

I roam the wild in look for my prey. Sun of J153104 rises and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.

I discretely enter a class 3 forest and spot a herd of Drakes.

I assume I opened the connection, because system I come from is very inactive. Shortly after I have a scout in covert ops warp and jump to the wormhole I just came from. Something is up in this system. I find the herd at the tower and watch them for awhile.

Finally scout returns and swaps for another Drake. There's only one lake in this forest and I see the herd move towards it. I follow.

I watch them peacefully drink the water. At the same time I approach, get into good position and wait for my moment to strike.

Conveniently, the herd is orbiting around the mobile tractor unit which position I use. It's time to strike! The herd tries to run away, but I have two of them captured. They soon find themselves left behind and their life within mercy of my jaws.

Unfortunately for them, my appetite is up. I mercilessly slaughter both of my preys. I know there's no life left in them when I do not get a good fight reply in local. Satisfied with the kill, I retreat back to the deep jungle. Survive to hunt another day.