Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meeting a newbie in w-space

I see Probe on scan with core scanner probes present. Ship has a default pilot's name. Sigh. Another new pilot venturing out in wormhole space. It's really cute. I remember my first encounter with wormhole space. I stood on the signature for good 10 minutes, looking at it and having no idea what's on the other side. Ah the memories.

I decloak and use my combat probes to scan the scanning frigate. I really take my time and do it as slow as I possibly can, but he is still there. Finally I get visual. I guess this is it. Time to do my duty by blowing up the new player and give a lesson about d-scan. I decloak and start shooting with my almost dpsless Proteus.

Suddenly I hear a cry of help in local. I feel in a chatty mood and convo the pilot to avoid polluting the sacred channel of wormhole space.

I used an opportunity of this our meeting to talk about EVE. Of course Probe was dead and so was the pod, but conversation was still on going. They say strongest ties are built on blood. First order of business - combat probes means trouble.

I send 10 mil to cover the loss of the ship and loot. You can tell right away which players will do well in EVE. Attitude is everything.

I must say, I really like to have such heartwarming conversations, despite recent space violence. We talk a little bit more and I elaborate on how the next step for him is to join a good corp and start building connections. I warn about "newb friendly corp" traps, basically any high-sec corp that has taxes. We part on very good terms. Aaron Trald, it was nice to meet and kill you. Hope you enjoy this fantastic game and find your way.

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