Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Waiting for the right moment

Some corps like to leave their ships out of hangars. I understand the need of saving space and all, but there are times when I wonder if those ship hangars are even used.

Note the scrollbar on the right. Meet Russian Power Group 7. A corp that keeps all their ships in the pos forcefield for everyone to see. List is so long that it's a pain to track on d-scan of any changes. In other words, I can't easily spot activity with only d-scan and I am not a fan to stay afk at the tower due to random connection drops or EVE not responding when I connect my PC to a TV. Anyways, I settle in a random safespot and wait for my opportunity. The corp had a Marauder loss in their killboard. System was clean and I was eager to see what PVE tools do they use. Besides that, system also had pocos reinforced. Something was definitely up.

When first poco came out of reinforcement, I kept a close eye. It probably will be too much for me to handle a structure bashing fleet, but you never know. I have 12 members online and half of them I find at the customs office.

I think for awhile if I should attack. I probably could take them on, unless they are all pvp fit. I am solo handling multiple ships and all of them have a cloak fitted. I am more worried about people online. Since they have all their ships in space, I can see logistics and jamming ships. It could be a very bad news if they came to help. I shake my head and remember that my primary is a farming ship. I should not get very excited about t1 battleships or even Gila if I can have a shot at killing Golem. I decide to wait.

Finally farming time. I see wrecks on d-scan. I warp to take a look.

Talk about disappointing sight. Not only that there's no shiny ship to gank, but it's pve setup that I probably couldn't break. Three Dominixes are spider tanking, of course, and Ospreys are spewing shield reps too. Upon closer look I see it's a mix of armor/shield tank.

Since I don't see a Marauder at the pos, I am not sure if it's even there. Perhaps locals did some math and realized it's better to use cheap stuff to run c4 sites. I do not know if I can take this little farming fleet on my own. Problem would be Ospreys as they are orbiting at range. I'm afraid this fight could drag on if I tried to break them and with at least 8 more people online at the tower, I definitely want to avoid that.

I wait. I do not want to stay too long in this system, but at the same time, I do not want to leave too early. Site is getting finished. Someone will have to salvage those wrecks and it may be Noctis, seeing as there is no MTU and wrecks are all scattered up. Let's see what they will do.

Once site gets finished, I see Ospreys warp off. Dominixes start approaching and looting random wrecks with Noctis landing at the same time. Interesting. Maybe this is the moment I've been waiting for. With battleships all scattered around I can strike and probably kill something. Too bad they are too far away from each other, which means I can't hold two ships at the same time. I wait until only few wrecks are left on the field and grab Noctis.

While holding the salvager with Proteus I order my Domi fleet in warp. I see pilot eject and warp off. Smart move. Dominixes are 160km away and while I wait for my fleet to land, one of enemy battleships warps and lands near me. I don't know if it is an attempt to save Noctis, but it felt more like a"warp to help a friend" instinct more than anything.  I promptly tackle it and now I hold two ships instead of one. Seeing he is not going anywhere, Dominix pilot ejects and warps his pod clear. I finish off both ships, loot and shoot the wrecks and disappear in an empty space. Quick and dirty, just the way I like it.


  1. A Noctis? What year is this?! Haven't these people heard of MTU?

    On a side note: Any reason why you don't batphone in situations like the POCO bash fleet?

    1. I wouldn't know who to batphone and targets were not that good for the effort. But its funny that you ask. There's more to this story! I will write about it in the next entry.

  2. Join "Wormhole PvP Channel" in game. There's always plenty of people on that are keen to help anyone that finds a target to big to handle on their own.

    1. Will need to do that! Sounds like a nice place to be in general.