Monday, May 9, 2016

Don't count your chickens before they hatch

Risk vs reward is the name of the game. Or at least it should be. There are many things I don't agree with how things are in EVE. One ship that has been annoying in particular is that god damn yacht. Big advantage of orbiting wormholes was that I could often encounter a wormhole rolling battleship. I could prepare myself and do a surprise attack. That has become obsolete. All I can do now is helplessly watch a couple of cruisers crash a wormhole. Fuck you yachts.

With all the recent patches, I encountered an awesome bug feature - unable to turn off my cloak.

The only way I was able to decloak was by flying into an object. If I had this happen when trying to grab my target I would have been upset to say the least. Thankfully this stopped occurring after few days of patching.

I do some scouting and jump to one system and immediately spot an interesting sight.

A recent violence took place. I fire up the z-killboard, but don't see any kills, so must be very recent. I fly around the system and sure enough I find the fleet. D-scan can tell a lot of interesting stories.

The fight seemed to be happening at one of the planets. I land just in time to get visual on the bad guys.

Or what's left of them at least. Fleet warped out with few still left on grid. I was very interested in a Tengu, but he was not there anymore. I ponder for a few seconds if I should try and attack them, but it's only cruisers. I would be risking Nestor fleet without proper intel for a cruiser kill. Not a risk I'm willing to take. Anyway, with hostile fleet around, locals won't be doing anything for today. I go back home.

Next day I launch probes and resolve several active connections. There is a high-sec down the chain and also a connecting c5. As I was expecting, soon I started hearing activity. To find a high-sec few jumps out when living in a c5 is a big deal. Few ships pass by during the extended period of time, but one piques my interest. A Barghest lands on the wormhole!

Oh, what a ship. Too bad he is already sitting on the wormhole and I am too far away to do anything. I watch him jump out, but don't get too upset. Not like I expect to kill much on transit route anyways, unless it's a very slow ship like an Orca.

I continue to passively orbit the wormhole when I hear an activation sound and see the very same Barghest appear on overview. Oh boy, oh boy. He warps to an anomaly. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I follow. As per normal procedure I wait a little bit and warp at 100. I land, but Barghest is nowhere to be seen. D-scan shows he is on the wormhole again. I warp there, but now he is back at the site. Then another site. To be honest, I am just chasing the shadow.  I have no idea what this guy's game is. Finally I meet him at the original anomaly.

I watch him spew missiles at the sleepers from 300+km range. Talk about being over protective. Problem is, I don't really have a good warp in. I need to bounce few times from random celestials to get into tackle range. After few tries I get closer.

It's not close enough, but after few more bounces I should be golden. I become optimistic and already start dreaming about my first Barghest kill. How special will that be! While I'm in my own dream world, the faction battleship warps back to c5 and jumps out, never to be seen again. Wait, what? What about the sleepers? I then spot sisters core probes on d-scan. Nooooooo. I soon see a random guy in a scanning frigate jump to the c5. My prey has been spooked. God damn it. This is what you get for celebrating victory too early. May Bob forgive my impatience.

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