Monday, May 23, 2016

A whale goes down

Right place at the right time. That's how majority of good kills and opportunities happen. It applies not only in EVE but RL as well. There are things when you can maximize your odds to be at the right place at the right time. I do just that when I stay in a c2 with a high-sec static and a direct, freshly opened, connection to a c6. As I expected, soon I started seeing an activity. C6 was inhabited by Indigo Generation, a rather small corp, but since they live in such high-class wormhole, they must be active. For the most part it was the usual blocade runner transport runs. Since I don't have a partner with a dictor I usually cross these ships out of my list and wait for something more slow. My prayers would be answered. An Orca appears!

Things were getting hot. I usually orbit wormholes at 30km. I believe it's optimal range. I can get close to wormhole in relatively short time and I have extremely low risk of getting decloaked by a random fleet or a ship. To avoid losing the Orca and having him jump back to the safety of high-sec I follow him. I warp straight to c6 and will make my move there. As soon as Orca enters warp I have a Helios decloak. I enter warp shortly after and do not manage to get the name to check if it's the scout from the same corp and get uneasy feeling.

An Orca is a very special ship. You won't often encounter it outside high-sec and is rare enough for it to be seen in a vulnerable space. It will get anyone excited and I am no exception. Orca jumps to the c6 and I go after and warp in my Nestor fleet. Only when Nestors land on the wormhole I get extremely worried.

Core and combat scanner probes are flying around the system. Shit. I have a bad feeling about this. I have to act fast and pray that I don't get jumped by a big fleet while killing the Orca. I jump in the Nestors and proceed killing the Industrial command ship.

I keep Proteus within scram range and jump range. If I had an overheat option for my drones I would use it. When Orca goes into structure and is about to die I hear a jump sound. A Tengu appears. Fuck. Orca goes down and I don't waste a second and don't even wait for drones return that are 10km away. I jump back to c2. Grid is clear. I initiate fleet warp back to high-sec, leaving the Orca's wreck behind me. I don't even open the kill report. GTFO is my priority at the moment. It doesn't take long for Nestors to align and enter warp. Just when I land on the wormhole I see a Sabre land on grid.

Phew, that was fucking a close one. Had this Sabre landed on c6 before I warped out it would have been some bad news for me. The pilot is from Kill at Will corp. They are quite active in PVP arena. I was right to fear and not waste any time retreating. Once safe in high-sec, I check the kill.

Ah, isn't she a beaut? A 2 billion kill. A trophy kill. I am extremely happy with the outcome. When I saw this Orca appear on an overview I had a few seconds to make decision and intercept it and manage to get out before getting ganked myself. Of course it would have been nice to collect that 300mil worth of loot, but I'm sure Kill at Will took it. Let that be a courtesy of Cloaky Bastard.


  1. Proposed name change: The Cheeky Bastard.

  2. Very lucky there as our fleet was away at that time as i remember :) nice catch o7