Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A tough customer, Part 2

After settling in a c4 wormhole and killing a Rattlesnake and a Megathron, locals asked what I wanted. After asking for 600 mil payment to leave them alone, they countered with 1 bil payment request for not killing me.

It was time to see who would Bob favor more. I never understood the concept of threats. When someone threatens killing me, it only makes me pay more attention. After our conversation finished I was closely watching d-scan. There were a lot of ships being swapped, no doubt something was going on. Coincidentally I received a convo request. Oh, what's this? Are they checking if I'm still online? Thanks to no more watch list that's the only way they can do it. Only problem with that, I can see who initiates convo request. Especially when it's done from the member of the corp that I'm hunting, it rises a big red flag the size of the moon. And wouldn't you know it, all of a sudden I have a big fleet land and orbit the wormhole with their drones out.

The corp I'm stalking is only 21 members, but here I see almost as many ships on grid. After a detailed check I see there are at least three different corps. Look at that, someone is very dedicated to keep their word. I wonder if I actually paid a 1bil, would they grant me a free passage?  Time to go in to super stealth mode. Which means I won't be jumping and scouting any active connections. Lack of watch-list works to my advantage. Unless locals get lucky enough to spot my ships on d-scan, they will have no idea if I'm on or not. Well, not unless they initiate a convo request. Otherwise they may be baiting me while I'm actually sitting in a bar enjoying a beer. Afk stalker chooses when to engage, that's the big advantage. Figuring things might be hot in the next few days, I decide to stay low and be patient. And I can be very patient.

Next day locals have more things to worry about than me stalking them. Wormhole is packed with action.

Holy that d-scan, batman. I guess I know what I will be doing tonight - absolutely nichts. Lazerhawks slaughtered Gambrini. Good fights were exchanged in local and everyone parted their ways.

I don't even bother scanning. When you've got two big corps fighting in your home, you don't really plan on doing anything anymore.

New day, new opportunities. System was nice and quiet, sun was shining and it was perfect time for gas mining. That's what Telgu Gypre was thinking as he was clearing the gas site.

This site had plenty of sleepers. Not that I needed all that time since I actually was already sitting in this particular site, anticipating the enemy. They have done nothing but gas sites since I moved in. My decision to wait in one was spot on the money and with that many sleepers, Vexor Navy Issue won't cut it. I kill the Rattlesnake. It's almost exact copy of the previous kill.

Over 600mil went up in smoke. That ISK could have been in my pocket and ship still be intact. It's a different Rattlesnake pilot, but I convo him anyway. His title is a director. Perhaps he will see things in a different way?

I bring up my initial offer to pay me 600mil for peace of mind. Telgu does not agree. They would simply do "other" activities while I camp them. I do not know what other safe activities are there in wormhole with hostile ships in the system.

I try to ransom as respectfully as I can. Don't think many people get paid while taunting their victims. Unfortunately Telgu wouldn't bulge. He was willing to sacrifice multiple hours of many people instead of paying. I was willing to go down to a very symbolic payment, but no luck. Oh well. Of course I could try my luck and force the sale to happen for the third time, but instead, I decide to leave, hopefully leaving a little bit of paranoia behind. I believe Bob has great things planned for me ahead.


  1. all account are yours? or this is you ally?

  2. Great reading! Looking forward another one :)