Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Always on the go

Sometimes wormholes can be very unexpected. You never know what's on the other side. I was scouting a high-sec for a new home. I jump through a random connection and hostile ships immediately decloak.

I don't panic too much. For them to kill me on the high-sec wormhole I would need to mess up my cloak. Even then I could probably get within jump range in time. I hardly see any point in trying to gank any ship smaller than a battleship. Also, since I came to this system randomly, these guys were either waiting for someone else or it's most inefficient camping setup possible. I jump out and few seconds later a Viator appears on grid. At first I think it's a scout, but turns out it's just some random guy doing a logistics run. Maybe that's what they have been going after. Being a bastard, I warn the pilot of lying dangers ahead.

I continue my search and jump to another c2. Before I can make a proper perch, I bunch of ships come and start orbiting the wormhole.

Everyone is so fucking aggressive today. Every wormhole I jump to, someone tries to kill me. I linger around to see if I maybe can get someone polarized, but nobody from the hostiles jump to high-sec. Besides, my Nestors could have hard time burning back to high-sec should I decide to attack. I consider if I should stalk these guys, but obviously they have scouts, so it wouldn't work to do it discretely.

Finally I find a system that I can settle down in. I manage to spot a Prospect mining a gas site. Knowing gas sites in w-space, I patiently wait for the sleeper cavalry to arrive. Which they do.

Prospect warps away and Rapier decloaks in his place. That's an interesting choice of ship to kill sleepers. I was hoping for a Tengu or something, but Rapier is a nice target too. To be honest, I don't think I have killed any Rapiers at all. I grab him by the throat and get it over with quickly.

Pretty good. Gank went smoothly. But I was not yet satisfied. I decide to stick for a day or two. It's a class 3 system and I would love to see them in action doing anomalies.

Wishes are one thing, but reality is another. System is mostly quiet during my time and there's nothing to kill. I grow impatient and I want to explore new systems. To quench my thirst, Bob sends me a rolling wormhole Typhoon.

Being bored, I decide to go for it. It's been a while since I saw a rolling or any kind of Typhoon for that matter. I decloak and get ready to tackle. The battleship pilot seeing a hostile Proteus immediately cloaks up. Unfortunately for him, few brief seconds was enough for me to set the right course and ship gets decloaked. Funny thing about rolling battleships with cloak and mwd. Even when fully plate fit, they should be able to do mwd+cloak trick, but I have yet to have anyone escape such way.

While I'm busy killing the Typhoon, a bomber appears and starts shooting torpedoes at my Proteus, which does nothing but tickle.

The battleship pops, netting me a standard 200mil killmail and bomber bails to the high-sec. That's a second kill in this system of the same corp. I never stay in one place too long so I pack my things and move out.


  1. I love your blog mate - keep posting!

    We miss you (those of us who knew you in United Systems Commonwealth). You should come join 13. when you want a corp again.


    1. I definitely plan to do that at some point :)