Friday, October 14, 2016

Greeting a miner

After managing to catch a rare ship - a wormhole rolling Orca, we move to a c4 next door. As usual, I do not expect for anything to happen for the rest of the day and as usual, nobody can predict Bob's will as he sends a Rattlesnake our way.
ggnoreTT > rattle
ggnoreTT > on c3
Trey Udan > did he jump back?
ggnoreTT > X4N4X
Jy Tian > see him
ggnoreTT > in warp c4d
ggnoreTT > lets get him

We were lucky to have eyes on the wormhole the Rattle came from and thanks to faster warp speed of smaller ships the Rattlesnake gets caught in transit, tackled by the Proteus then a Devoter and gets a dozen of scrams from the Nestor fleet.

A pvp fit Rattlesnake for a change. Too bad the fight was one sided, but the pilot doesn't seem to mind much.
X4N4X > gf
X4N4X > nasty fleet
ggnoreTT > gf
Jo Edier > gf
It's been awhile since I got a gf in local. It's always nice to meet a fellow capsuleer with a good sportsmanship.

While scouting, we spot some activity. There are couple of people docking and undocking ships in the system. Notably a Gila and an Onyx. Behaviour is quite strange. The Onyx warps to a perch near the station and launches a bubble while the Gila sits at the undock.

What's up with that? To make things even stranger, when checking out the system, we find a mining ship. Not just any mining ship, but an expensive one.

If I didn't know any better I would say it's some sort of bait. But that would be a weird choice for a bait. I would expect a Procurer. A Mackinaw is not exactly known for tank and is rather expensive. We do a background check of the locals and find red to be the most dominant color in the killboard. I scratch my head, but not whether to attack or not, but how to squeeze out most of this opportunity. We prepare a plan. While our Nestor fleet holds on the wormhole, we decide only to engage with my Proteus, which has 37.5 dps, and Trey's Devoter, that only has a set of light drones. It will be a slow death. Our goal is to provoke locals in coming to miner's aid and kill whatever shows up. We do just that. I tackle the mining ship and we slowly chip at his defenses. It takes awhile, but locals finally organize a defense "fleet". A Gila warps to an ore site. Unfortunately, it does not get dragged by a bubble and lands 100km off. What luck to have the anomaly signature at the wrong angle. The Mackinaw pops and the Gila warps off. Oh well, it was worth the shot. Plan worked, but we did not account for the warp in angle from a station.

As soon as we start packing, another ships shows up on grid. This time a Vexor Navy Issue. A pilot was kind enough to warp directly to his dying teammate and in return received a warm welcome from our fleet. We are always happy to bring excitement to miners and their friends.

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