Thursday, March 30, 2017

Taking a break

It's probably no surprise, due to the lack of posts, that I have taken a break. It's never intentional, but I gradually stopped logging in due to busy RL and days go by faster than ever. Before I know it I get emails that some of my accounts have expired and that's yearly subscription too. Anyone who played EVE for extensive time period most likely have faced ups and downs in play time. It's nothing unusual, but it usually means it's time for a change. Most likely once I'm back I will try to find a new corp. I have a wish to visit Fanfest at some point, but playing solo/duo the last few years means there's little connection left to any of the groups. That's the price you pay when playing a lone wolf style, though I was fortunate enough to find a great partner to join me on my endeavors. In any case, it's time to brush the dust off my social skills and find like-minded group. I'm even considering ditching the multiboxing. I've been flying multiple accounts for a very long time and it can get quite stressful.


  1. Sorry to see you go (for now), as I always enjoyed your posts and playstyle. You even got me into WH space for about 8 months. I'm not out in a smaller null PvP group and loving the more laid back playstyle. Asset safety, local, and easy isk if nothing's going on. I recommend it as a great way to come back and dip your toe in. After W space, it's easy. Fly safe! o7

  2. I'm going to miss reading these blog posts for now. Being mostly a lone shark myself these days, I can relate and understand your situation. In part, this was one small reason behind creating the Wormhole PVP Channel. I must admit it was purely selfish wanting to fly with others at times but still do my own thing whenever I wanted but the channel did give me this option. That being said, there are days where I would love to join a bigger WH corp and contribute to the team and participate in group activities despite my "lone wolf" tendencies. Eve is what you make it, so above all, make it fun for you good sir!

    Thanks so much to present for all the content you have provided.I've had the oppertunity through our channel to fly with you on a few occasions and I'm gratefull for it. Fly safe and thanks again for all your contributions to the game inside and out :)

  3. Its a trick! This is what he wants us to believe. While, in reality, hes out there. Watching us. Stalking us. Waiting foe that opportune time, when we think were safe and alone, to POUNCE and peovw once again that there is always a cloaky proteus.

    Enjoy the time off and eventual return to the game. Loved reading about your asventures.

  4. You can always come back to rancer.