Thursday, February 8, 2018

Back to the shadows

I am back to stalking. It's been over 1.5 years since I joined my current corp - Mass Collapse. Unfortunately, good things come to an end and it so happened that the corp disbanded. Apart a few people still flying together, majority moved on. I am not quite yet ready to find a new home and thus decided to get back to my old hobby - wormhole stalking. A lot has changed since then. Most notably, t3 cruiser rebalance made my brick tanked Proteus not so brick tanked, so I did some refitting. On a plus side, my Proteus now has dps. I will now rely on sig tanking with local repair and an afterburner, while still holding a proper tank with 600dps. I am back. Back to the shadows.

I will watch you do logistics.

I will watch you move your ships.

And try to trap unexpected explorers.

I will watch you do exploration sites.

Or run gas sites.

I will watch you taunt local.

I will watch you run combat sites.

And get your rolling battleship ganked.

Make no mistake, I will see you undock.

I will follow you in warp to the last anomaly in the system.

And when I feel the time is right, I will strike.

And I will bring destruction in my wake.

It will all be over in a moment. After which I will disappear in the shadows.

Because I am the shadow.


  1. Welcome back, stalker. Nice to read about your fights again.

  2. Awesome! Welcome back!

  3. Are you a dark templar?

  4. Nice to see you got back to ganking with your boys! :D WH life much more fun with some friends at your back for sure.