Thursday, August 8, 2019

Here I am

EVE Online. There's a joke that the only way to win at EVE is not to play it. I've been winning for the last year and a half after going out in a glory of blazing fire. But no matter how many or how long breaks I take I always keep coming back. Despite me not logging in I always keep my subs running, at least for my main and a scanner alt. It's sort of my support for the game that always has been such a big part of my life.

I gave a long thought of what I should aim for this time around. Do I want to continue wormhole stalking? While that is indeed fun, I decided to postpone my lonesome warrior style. I believe the social aspect of this game is the number one thing what keeps players logging in, so my first order of business was to find a corp since my old corp has become inactive. Multiboxing is also a very taxing activity so I decided to just stick with my two core accounts and have a more "relaxing gaming experience". Damn it, am I getting old? After some scouting on the forums, I've set my eyes on Epicentre Syndicate [EPSYN]. This corp immediately caught my eyes due to small and medium gangs, chill environment with no mandatory activity (can actually enjoy other games without feeling the guilt of not logging in), a C4 home system with C4 and C5 statics, and *GASP* a scout that finds gank targets gets to keep all the loot. This is one of the most important selling points for me. I haven't done any PVE since 2013 and I do like scouting and finding gank targets. It's my thing. It's been over a month since I joined I can say with confidence it was the right call.

Almost getting reverse ganked

During my usual scouting run, I spot a Tengu doing anomalies in a class 2 wormhole. Getting excited with a target I immediately call for a few guys to help me kill it. While I silently observe our soon to be prey my small fleet is gathering on the wormhole ready to jump in on my mark. After T3 changes I had to make a lot of compromises to my tackle Proteus. I no longer can afford a Microwarpdrive, Sensor Booster, and a Warp Disruptor. This means that I have to go for my targets when they are up close. On a bright side, I can now dish out 600 dps while before my pure tackle Proteus had only two small Smartbombs for dps. So here I am, slowboating towards Tengu, ready to decloak and engage. Suddenly two red Lokis decloak.

Talk about unexpected. I guess someone else had the same idea. I immediately warp back to my vantage point and continue observing. Perhaps there is some potential to gank the gankers? Shortly, a bunch of new ships appear on d-scan and land on grid. I order my fleet to fall back home. We don't have nearly enough people online to challenge the hostile fleet, so I just sit back and enjoy the show. Poor Tengu is about to have his day ruined.

Man, what are the odds? A few minutes later and Holesale would have had quite a few more kills. I guess I can consider myself quite lucky. This is why I love wormhole space. You often never know who else is out there until it's too late. I watch Tengu explode and pilot podded. The hostile fleet sure took their time to kill it, making sure everyone had an opportunity to be on the killmail. Once the action is over we all depart separate ways. Bob sure works in mysterious ways. Today he was feeling generous and let me keep my ship intact. Praise be.


  1. Greetings from Holesale. I was on this gank, makes me wish we didn't just pile in there and went light at first.. then we could have had an interesting engagement. Maybe next time. Keep up the great blogging.


  2. I was waiting for your return, your blog is awesome :)