Sunday, April 11, 2021

Never stick around

Not long after an Orca gank the system became unusually active. I notice some next-door neighbors getting busy shooting sleepers in my home.

Neighbors are from the connecting c4 as that's the wormhole I keep eyes on and get a glimpse of the Gnosis.

Well well well, what do you know. Same corp as the pilot's whose Orca I ganked. Just happened to decide to do some farming in my system. In a Hyperion. Yea, I don't buy it. I let my dear neighbors farm sleepers to their heart's content.

W-Space life continues

I continue to chill in my uninhabited c3. I want to move to another system, but decide to just stick around a little while longer. Since it has a high-sec static, I want to see if I can find a tourist doing some sleeper sites. As usual, if you stay long enough observing the system and wormholes you can see interesting things. Life goes on, ships fly around and I can't help but imagine stories in my head on what these people are up to. Sometimes I see small fleets ready for some pvp business.

Other times freebie battleships and industrials pass around.

There will also be situations where visiting farming fleets will clean out my home system to the last anomaly.

Good for these guys organizing a fleet to shoot some sleepers. Unfortunately, T1 cruisers don't really get me that excited. With my home system clear of anomaly sites, there's little chance of getting a tourist. I have to put more emphasis on looking at connecting systems. I jump into an active c2 connection. While d-scan shows wrecks, no ships are on sight. I do a blanked combat probe scan and detect 2 ship signatures. When I get in range I only see a Stratios. Another blanked scan reveals only one ship now. I guess whatever was going on I missed it. Well almost. For some reason Stratios is in the direction of the wrecks. Perhaps there was an attempted gank? It's a cosmic signature and not an anomaly, which means I have to scan it down to get a visual. I narrow down a precise location with a d-scan and do a quick sneaky scan. Hopefully, pilots don't check their d-scan too often. I get a hit! It's a data site and everything starts to make sense. The site is cleared of sleepers and Stratios is doing final hacking activities. Since it's a c2 I don't expect a very shiny ship clearing anomalies and decide to just go for the Stratios while I still have a chance.

Got him! Probably my Proteus could be enough to kill it, but I decide to bring my whole fleet. Not taking any chances since it's their home system. And besides, Stratios only need one neutralizer to make my Proteus harmless rather quick. The ship explodes. A cool 600mil pimped cruiser

I'll take it, thank you very much! I collect the loot, take it to high-sec and make a contract to ship to the nearest hub. While it's not much, the last thing I want is to become a loot pinata myself. Besides, I fully expect to lose my fleet so any ISK I get will contribute to a replacement!

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