Monday, August 7, 2017

RIP my old friend

After some nice summer vacation, I have finally logged in back to EVE. I knew there was an incoming t3 re-balance patch, but never paid too much attention to it. Today I've launched a fitting window of my trusty tackle Proteus and became very sad.

Turns out my brick tanked tackle Proteus is a relic. It's a real shame. I have been flying this bad boy since I started playing EVE in 2010. My whole play style basically has been based on it. I'm not saying that changes are good or bad. Simply it's sad to see things you've been used to come to an end. Cloaky Proteus was my signature ship. I haven't even flown an Astero or a Stratios. Ever. It will take some days for me to process the change, but I will never forget the countless of ganks I was able to have, bravely jumping on multiple ships with multiple sleepers present, taking punishment like a boss until help arrived. What an emotional day. So many memories. I can only hope I will find a way to continue the tradition of flying this ship in it's new form.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Activity update

It's been over two months since I joined Mass Collapse. Recently I was told I "passed" the trial period and became a full member. I was not really aware of the trial, but nevertheless, I was a little surprised. Surprised, because I haven't been most active member. I've been on what you can call - EVE vacation. Logging here and there, participating in some fleets, but far from daily activity. I've literally had 3 weeks without shooting anything. I felt bad as Mass Collapse is a great corp and I should definitely contribute more, but I'm very happy they decided to keep me around.

As you might remember, I started up some trading again. On and off, but managed to earn around 40 billions in 2 months time until my motivation died again. I am utilizing free trading hubs for lower taxes, but they get destroyed and it's a pain to reenlist items. Using main station is too expensive as for my trading strategy (low margins) I can't compete with ones in free hubs. Anyway, the point is, that something happened. I was ganked. You might think what's the big deal? Well, not really a big deal, however I never afk haul and I use blockade runners that are immune to cargo scanners. I have Tornadoes on my overview and If there's a risk, I cloak up. However, the way I was ganked was very unexpected. I got suicide tackled before I could enter warp. At first I was quite confused on what's going on as no ships showed up on overview. Only half through shield, I realized what's happening. Fortunately, I lost only 2 billion, which was day's work at the time. If I come after a break, I can haul much more than that.

I know using blockade runners is not most secure. It's risky, but I liked that they stay sort of under the radar, have cargo space and are fast. You can't scan the cargo and it reduces the risk to be "watchlisted", and if you don't afk and keep an eye on overview for Tornadoes, it's quite safe. I've been hauling this way for many years without an incident. Gankers were dedicated HS hauler gankers. It was not a personal attack. Regardless, I decided to change up. Now all my stuff will be hauled only in transport Tengus. It's a bit annoying, since I have few larger materials like large smartbombs, that I can't always fit in, but It's either that, or risk more ganks.


My latest addiction has been with Gwent. It's a card game that I used to play in Witcher 3. It's very fun and addictive. I've never played any card games before, but I enjoy real board games. I knew about HearthStone and that some people had a blast with it, but I never wanted to start it, as I knew how greedy Blizzard is and that I won't have time to invest to fully enjoy and build decks without investing a fortune. Gwent, however, is very different. Or so I heard from people in Reddit, but so far I am very happy with the progress I'm making. Also, because it's made by CDPR, Witcher 3 creators, I feel a need to contribute. I can't express how much enjoyment Witcher 3 gave me. I still haven't even finished the Blood and Wine expansion . I also tremendously enjoyed Gwent quests there. How can I not support this project? I highly recommend to give it a shot. It's still in Open Beta, so timing is perfect.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to civilization

It's been over a couple a weeks since I left my cave a.k.a. isolated in wormholes and joined another cave, only this time full of people. In other words, I found a corp. I have joined Mass Collapse. In truth, I've been scouting recruitment forum and have been eyeing different wormhole corps for awhile. I was even considering if I should go to low-sec or should I, gasp, try null. But then I remembered that every time I was stationed in k-space, I was always scouting wormhole connections. It's who I am.

So why Mass Collapse? Well, surprisingly, out of many wormhole corps, they really fit the bill of what I was looking for. Here are some of the main points:

  • Purely EU focused with no split timezones.
  • Just the right size. Not too big and not too small (~80 members)
  • Scouts get the gank loot (up to 500mil with the rest going to corp's SRP fund)
  • C4 home system with c4/5 statics which results in great chains.

The C4 home system was one of deciding factors. In my previous corp I was living in a c5 and it was a real hassle to find action or gank targets. You would have never ending c5 chains. Now it's a perfect balance between rolling into active corps that live in higher classes and finding gank targets in lower classes. Not to mention ease of logistics, with high-sec often being 2-3 jumps out.

Of course within first day of joining, I managed to miss a dreadnought kill. Despite all points mentioned above, by far the most important are the people. The corp's culture is relaxed, no stress and is all about having fun. One thing I have noticed though, there's not much farming going on. Some folks have null-sec ratting alts and some earn ISK by finding targets and getting the gank loot. Of course, since we live in a c4, we have great opportunity to do solo farming for ones who are interested. I haven't shot a sleeper in many years. And now I hear drifters are there fuck you up without you engaging them. It's quite funny, after doing solo wormhole ganking for so long, there are so many new things to learn. I still fly my trusty Proteus and already managed to find my first target. I can't tell how it is relaxing to have a fleet do the killing rather than multiboxing 5 ships.


Speaking of earning ISK, I decided to brush the dust off of my trader accounts. Since I haven't lost that many ships, I didn't need much ISK. My main accounts are paid for. It's been more than 2 years since I last did any trading. I had quite a lot of savings (around 300 bil) and now it seems I'm left with half of that.

A lot has changed. Of course PLEX prices went up again. Soon we will think 1billion was a nice price to have. Anyway, one of biggest things to get used to was the citadels. I got very upset, when I found out that my standings, which have been grinded with pain and tears, mean shit. You start with 3% broker fee and best you can do is shave it off to 2%, which is still insanely high. My traded items are always low margin (I undercut hard). So while I spent a lot of hours doing COSMOS and other missions, some fresh trader can use the nearest citadel and have better rates than me. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but it's not like I could do anything about it.

I've setup my remote buy orders at the free trading citadels at 0% tax. I don't understand why so many people still use Jita. There's literally almost no reason not to use the citadels, apart from little inconvenience. I guess laziness is a powerful thing and it took me also a good time to get used to it. However, most of my items are in 2-3% profit margin neighborhood.

I consolidated my capital from 6 to 3 traders and setup around 160bil buy orders. Then updating once a day, I undercut aggressively to the point where some items went from 20% margin to 2-4%. Some people can critique me, but that's my strategy to fight bots and 0.01 ISKers. So far I have been very happy with my returns. I topped at 2.6 billion profit on Saturday. Of course I don't have possibility to update daily. If I can manage 500mil/day profit on average without investing too much time, I would be quite happy.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Taking a break

It's probably no surprise, due to the lack of posts, that I have taken a break. It's never intentional, but I gradually stopped logging in due to busy RL and days go by faster than ever. Before I know it I get emails that some of my accounts have expired and that's yearly subscription too. Anyone who played EVE for extensive time period most likely have faced ups and downs in play time. It's nothing unusual, but it usually means it's time for a change. Most likely once I'm back I will try to find a new corp. I have a wish to visit Fanfest at some point, but playing solo/duo the last few years means there's little connection left to any of the groups. That's the price you pay when playing a lone wolf style, though I was fortunate enough to find a great partner to join me on my endeavors. In any case, it's time to brush the dust off my social skills and find like-minded group. I'm even considering ditching the multiboxing. I've been flying multiple accounts for a very long time and it can get quite stressful.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Finding the treasure

When I stick around I stick around. I kept my fleet in the system where I have spotted a Thanatos. I did not really have intentions of killing a carrier, but was more like waiting for a new connection with potential home. One day, I noticed one of the locals doing logistics. An Occator was jumping in and out from the empire. Since it's a very small probability to catch a deep transport ship and my partner being away, I did not have much of a choice, but to observe. I warped to the station ant noticed it was unanchoring. For a moment I got excited as I saw a timer with only one hour left.

Which then I soon realized it was a useless information. I have no idea when the unanchoring process was initiated, but the timer was showing only vulnerability. In other words, there was not much I could do, but hope to catch someone evacuating a nice ship.

Days were passing by and I haven't seen any activity, which led me to assume the evacuation was done. One day I login to realize an Astrahus and a Fortizar were no longer there. D-scan stayed clean and the system was empty. While orbiting a wormhole I notice neighbors becoming active. I notice an Astero warp to a planet where an Astrahus was. D-scan is empty, so why would they warp there? Following my gut I warp to the old bookmark and find an intriguing sight.

Bunch of containers floating in space, which did not show on my d-scan. I try to grab an Astero at the container, but the pilot manages to pull distance and cloak up before my sensor re-calibration delay is over. No matter. My main intention was to scare him so I could peek in those containers.

I warp from container to container. There is some random loot and t1 ships, but nothing of value. Either locals took what was worth taking or this place has been looted already. Suddenly it hits me. While Astrahus was at the planet, Fortizar was in deep safe and I still have the bookmark. I immediately warp and find a lot of containers floating. I open one of them and oh my...

I don't know why locals did not bother to collect everything, but damn it would be a lie if I told you I didn't get excited. I quickly run through all the containers. Some have shit, some have few ships with random loot. I won't become space rich, but there's definitely stuff worthwhile taking. I inform Trey about my find. Good thing is that containers can't be scanned, so we are not under time pressure. Once we get good connection to the empire with only few jumps out, we proceed with hauling. There's a high-sec via c2 which has 5 connections. We put as many eyes as we could, but of course with that many connections we spot a few scouts from some notable wormhole corps.

Alle Alabel > Mexerolle buzzard
Alle Alabel > from new C4 where glory holers came from
Zosius > mass collapse
Zosius > lets stay put

But with a little bit of luck and patience, we manage to get everything out without any losses. Total loot amounted to 3.5 bil and successfully delivered to Jita.