Thursday, February 11, 2016

Who you gonna call?

After scoring three Rattlesnake kills in a period of one evening, I was excited. I was not ready to log out just yet. I left through a high-sec static and started scanning the surrounding systems to find a new home, so I could log out at peace.

I was not looking for anything special, just something standard, like a c3 or a c4. Few jumps out I find a c2, which is not bad, but I feel like staying at a higher class wormhole. I decide to scan the system's signatures and if I don't find anything better, I will stay. The wormhole doesn't have many connections, but it does have a c3 static.

The c3 is empty, but I decide it will be my new home. At least for a day. Important part of choosing a wormhole is to have all it's signatures scanned out. I don't want to lose a potential target, just because I was a little bit lazy and don't have that specific site scanned out. Fortunately, it doesn't have that many signatures so it doesn't take long before everything is mapped. Just before warping to the safe and logging out I do one last d-scan check.

Are you kidding me? I mean, I have checked d-scan few times during scanning, but are you telling me I suddenly have a farming fleet in the system within seconds after I finish scanning? I do not believe in unicorns, but I do warp to the anomaly to check things out.

No way. This is too good to be true. I have two Tengus and a Legion doing the site. But wait! I recognize that alliance sticker. If you have been following recent posts, you might remember when I have encountered a bait Procurer. What makes this even funnier, is that this situation is "Déjà vu". Last time I also came to an empty system and have been scanning for good while, only to find an "innocent" procurer just before jumping out.

This time is not a shitty mining ship, but a nice, shiny farming fleet. Kind of fleet I would definitely go for, but with these circumstances I just can't do it. Random Stratios appearing on the d-scan for a second does not add any confidence.

While it's true it can be a legitimate farming fleet, the fact that I have been scanning this system and that this alliance have already tried to bait me once not long ago, really makes the odds against me. I already did the background research on them. If they are baiting me for second time, committing this kind of fleet, I am quite sure I am dead if I attack. If only I had a few extra guns... oh wait. Wormhole PVP Channel!

Numerous people mentioned Wormhole PVP Channel as a good place to get that very needed help. While three strategic cruisers are hardly an amazing content, I decide to give it a go. I join the channel, add alliance to red standings and do a quick look if any of them are sitting there. Looks clear. I ask if anyone would be interested to gank a possibly baiting fleet. The response I get is beyond my expectations. I thought only one or two guys will reply, but suddenly I had a lot of people x'ing up for a fleet to a point when I felt uncomfortable adding more due to overkill.

Besides random people, I also had a few fellow wormhole bloggers join me, such as Bex from and Trinkets friend from With fleet ready and gathered at the high-sec connection, it was show time.

We managed to squeeze through the c2/high-sec entrance. I failed to notice that wormhole was at half mass, but luckily my fat Dominixes and Trinket's Nightmare managed to go in. Everyone got on the c3 entrance and waited for my signal. Wormhole was within d-scan range and since I have my Proteus already positioned, I decided it was not worth risking in bringing one more tackle and spooking the targets. I should manage to tackle two out of three and with a little bit of luck, we will get all three of them. I make my move.

I scram the Legion and disrupt and web the Tengu. Fleet arrives in an instant, but the second Tengu manages to warp out. Once Legion was primary and had secondary points, I went full speed after the Tengu, which almost got out of range. Thank Bob for thermodynamics.

As it turned out it was a legitimate farming fleet and no pvp ships showed up. I almost felt bad for such a small content, but the Wormhole PVP Channel guys seemed not to mind and enjoyed the gank nevertheless. As the target finder, I got to keep all the loot, which was quite a lot. Apparently it was ejected by the victims. I doubt it was done as an appreciation for ganking them, but more likely to avoid an expensive loss, to which I have no objections, as long as the can does not get shot.

After the gank we all parted our ways. Everyone was back in high-sec safely. What a great experience. If I ever bite more than I can chew, Wormhole PVP Channel will be the first place I go.


  1. Recently found about the channel, great place to find content.

  2. Bloody Trinkets and his Nightmare, holding up the whole fleet. Such a show pony. =]

  3. can't wait to hear about when both parties are calling reinforcement there at the same time!

    1. TheVacantCrypt_GengodFebruary 12, 2016 at 10:38 PM

      Its happened before tends to lead up to some fun fights

  4. Nice. I should probably join that channel :)
    Is anyone invited?

    1. It's a great channel. And it's like a party in my pants, everyone's Invited!

    2. Hmmm, I know they've been a bit titchy about Wingspanners in there before... So, I dunno tbh.

    3. What's your opinion on that? :3

  5. Orunis Sobek here, co-founder of Wormhole PVP Channel. I just wanted to thank you for using our channel and I'm glad to read that you have had a positive experience. I also want to thank you for providing content to our channel members. I'd like to confirm what most people have already stated, which is that everyone is welcome in Wormhole PVP Channel, including Wingspann. We've had encounters with Wingspann and I think in-game banter is just part of EvE but we have nothing against Wingspann in general. In fact, we look forward to perhaps one day collaborating with them on something. Again, glad to hear that people are enjoying the channel and the content being provided by it's members. Fly dangerously everyone o7