Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gifts from Bob

I log in and see Tengu, thanks to, now automatic, d-scan. The weird part is that I logged in my safe spot which is out of range of any celestials. It also doesn't look like he was just flying by as he doesn't go away. What's going on here?  I narrow him 1.5 AU from my safe.

Do I really have a random guy sitting in a safe near mine? I think it's time to show that it's not so "safe" to just float there and do nothing. I warp to outer planet to launch probes and return to the spot so I am close to him. Once I get a positive hit I warp to 10 and get a visual.

This is just too good to be true. I do a quick cautious check of his killborad. It's more done from a reflex than from a need. Unless I see something very strange, like a huge fleet fight that happened very recently, I will tackle him and log my Domi fleet. I do the check in 10 seconds and switch back to EVE with intent to grab him only to see an empty overview. First thought was that he finally cloaked up, but adding to watch list shows him offline. Dang, he must have safe logged. I guess better now than me making my move seconds later and him disappearing right before my sensor calibration ends. That would suck even more, and while having him disappear just before I decloak sucks less, it sucks nevertheless. Oh well, I proceed scouting the system. Warping around I spot a lot of wrecks.

Looks like someone has been busy. I do a combat probe sweep on the system and find no ships. The whole point of wormhole sites is to salvage the sleeper wrecks. I quickly scan mobile depots while system appears to be empty. When checking out wrecks and mobile tractors I get a different owner name than that of a Tengu pilot. I add him to watch list and he appears to be offline too. Interesting, but my gut says I will see them again. There are 3 sites, full of sleeper wrecks. I doubt they would just leave them be. I park my ship at the spot where Tengu was last seen and keep a half open eye for any notifications.

After short time, I have one of them log in. Unfortunately it's not the Tengu pilot. I spot a destroyer on scan and as I expected, I see him warp to mtus and salvage all the wrecks. I could, of course, grab him at the last site and hope to cash out on all that loot, but I try to be patient instead and wait for that Tengu.

Once salvaging is done, the guy warps out somewhere and soon after I have my awaited Tengu pilot log in. He comes when I'm in the process of following the destroyer. Once I get to the safe, I see an empty space. Without losing hope, I fly around and find him at a fresh anomaly.

Well hello there. Glad to see you back. I've been waiting for you! Let me give you a proper welcome. I grab the strategic cruiser, giving enough time to only kill two sleeper frigates. Once Domi fleet lands, he becomes a part of the small wreck field.

Not the most expensive Tengu, but certainly could have been a cheaper catch. It's a class 2 after all. I scoop the deadspace booster, shoot the wreck and warp out. I don't expect any more action for the next two hours. Half finished sleeper site for some reason puts people off.

I am humble and usually don't expect to score more kills without actively looking for targets. But sometimes Bob rewards the humility. I orbit one of the exits when I suddenly hear a jump sound. I focus on my EVE client and see Tengu decloak and warp to an anomaly with a purpose.

Today is not a lucky day for this pilot as I tackle him, giving only enough time to kill two frigates, same as for the previous victim.

Fast forward few minutes and Tengu's pilot is warping out in a pod. This probably will be one of the shortest farming activity for him. Though this time the ship was more on the budget side than the previous one. I do my respects and praise Bob for all the gifts he have sent me today.


  1. Damn you and your TZ, that sort of shit never happens to me. :(

    1. You can always take on a new life challenge and move to US or EU :)

    2. Same for late US West Coast :-(

  2. Only one question... do you hunt to write a blog about it, or do you write about your hunt?

    1. Hi, ive been doing this way before i started writing.

  3. 2 Tengus, 1 Caracal and a Imicus in the same system. Looks like a Hs static C2 it is a good hunting ground.

  4. Don't be put of by jelous readers Zosius :P love the blogs keep hunting and keep them coming :) fly safe o7