Monday, February 29, 2016

Signs from Bob

After getting my ass handed to me, I was on my way out through c4, which was opposite way to c3, that I was ganked in. I scanned c3 and then to low-sec. I have been scanning with my Dominix, refitted with a core probe launcher. It's a pain, but does the job. My biggest concern was not to get ganked. Since I couldn't properly scout what's on the other side, I had to believe in Bob to help me get my last surviving Dominix with two pods back to the empire. I know Bob is looking over me when c4/c3 connection I go through disappears five seconds after I go in with all my pilots. Talk about close call. I go in and spot a Machariel and sleeper wrecks on d-scan. Are you bloody kidding me? I am in my pods and here I have a system with a shiny battleship doing sites. Locals notice of random Dominix and pods coming to their system and start combat scanning. I warp around until I scan the low-sec exit, which is two jumps out from the high-sec.

After buying replacement ships it was time to decide what to do next. From one side I thought I will do something else when get ganked, but then again, I do enjoy stalking and since it was such a good fight, Bob clearly wants me to continue this craft. At least for now. But where should I start? Well, as I think everything happens for a reason, me rolling to the system with a faction battleship was probably a sign. I ship up go back to that wormhole.

Me and Gris X have been stalking these guys for some days now, waiting for that promised Machariel to appear. While the battleship was taking his time, there have been some other close moments.

I log in just in time. In time to spot two Marauders with t3 cruiser support before they warp back to their wormhole after clearing the sites. Shit, I just missed them. But perhaps it would have been a bit too much for my Domi gang to take them on. I know there have been two or three more strategic cruisers somewhere, but your heart can't help but to think of missed opportunity. I try to stick on their wormhole and nab a rolling dictor, only to have him warp away like I did not even have a faction scrambler with a point on him.

Oh well, easy come, easy go. I park my Proteus on the wormhole again and go afk.

We started thinking that a Machariel I saw earlier was just a fluke. The best ship we have been able to spot was a Drake doing sites. Me and my partner decided we will be on the lookout for a new home and it so happened that we got  an active c4 with a potential. However, we still had two Ventures in the system doing the gas site.

While Ventures are hardly the target I would feel excited about, there was a ship with guns that shot those sleepers, so might as well try and get him. even if it's a lowly Drake. There are still few anomalies in the system and we know locals like to keep place tidy. If they don't do anything, we will simply move elsewhere and call it a day. But it looks like patience is about to pay off when I see one of the Ventures swap for a Machariel and another for a bomber. The Mach warps to a site, which I conveniently have scanned out. I greet him there. The bomber decloaks nearby and tries to rescue the battleship, but his torpedoes are barely scratching my heavy tanked Proteus. Soon both ships become scrap.

You know when they say when one thing leads to another. I can say with certainty that my death lead to this faction battleship kill. There's always a bright side, just need to find it.

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  1. Nice comeback! Although I dare say that's not quite zosious considering... ;) I shall look forward to bob's next offering!