Monday, March 7, 2016

Coming out of nowhere

After blowing up the Machariel, I moved to a neighboring c4 occupied by Z3R0 Return Mining Inc. from Illusion of Solitude. It didn't look that whole corp was living, but more like just inhabited by some guys more than anything. There was nothing going on. Even the system was tidy when I moved in, I couldn't see any ships on scan for days. I thought perhaps they were US timezone, but piling up anomalies hinted me there was just not really much going on.

It's not a big deal since I keep myself busy doing other things. In fact, the focus on EVE has been very slow lately, hence the drop down in posting frequency. My interaction would limit to only logging in and checking d-scan once in awhile. One day I hear an activation sound and see two Rattlesnakes jump in.

It's the locals! Of course I have no time to decloak and nab one of them, but it did get me a little bit excited. Two new faction battleships are now present in the system. Even though they log out shortly after, it does give me something to look forward.

After several hours I hear a jump sound again. I see a Hyperion go through c3.  Then few more ships land on the wormhole and soon I am with 4 battleships on grid.

Looks like a wormhole rolling party. I was very excited to see a rolling Hyperion, but with more and more ships coming in, I was getting worried. They probably will do some farming, but will I be able to take them on? I wait to see what happens. I watch them roll the statics c4 and c3. Constant refreshing d-scan, I see more and more ships. What the hell is going on?  At the tower I find a fleet.

This looks like a bloody pvp fleet. I watch them warp off to the first anomaly. You must be kidding me. For days the system was empty and now all of a sudden, on my usual time I find a big ass fleet doing anomalies. There's not really much I can do. I decide to wait for the next day and go out via first exit I find.

Next day, I scan the c4 static and just when I was ready to go out, I hear an activation sound. A Mastodon appears and... drops out the probes.

A scanning deep transport ship? I watch him warp to a random planet and I follow warp to 100. My senses were good, I land right on top of him. Now, deep space transport ships have 2 native warp core strengths and if he has any wcs modules fitted, then there's no way I can hold him. But I decide to take a shot anyway. I decloak and tackle him. Get my Domi fleet in warp and do my best to bump the ship to prevent him from warping.

It surprisingly goes really well. I bump the Mastodon, cycle on and off my webifier between bumps and he is kept in place and soon dead. No goodies inside, but as expected, he was full wcs fitted so it made me feel great about this kill. Space trucker cried in local to spare his life which woke up one of the locals.

Brodit seized the opportunity to promote his candidacy for CSM. Good luck to him.


  1. Thanks for visiting Zero's hole. Sorry you found it so boring. We have been pretty quiet of late. It's almost embarrassing you caught us running our own anoms. I guess some visitors had run them when you moved in as that's the first time this year we've even bothered and it was really dull.

  2. Yeah, we wondered what was up when we saw your stuff on dscan. Grats on the mastodon kill. Better luck next time on the rattlers ;)