Thursday, March 24, 2016

You never know what's inside the egg

When I was telling that universe is plotting against me, I wasn't kidding. I come to a system and spot a tower with no forcefield. Would be nothing unusual, except there was a Bestower on scan as well. Removing the filter I get immediately excited.

This is just too good to be true. Did I really encounter another pos without the fuel? Without wasting any time I warp to take a look. And indeed, I do not see any forcefield. Tower is naked, with bunch of modules anchored, including corporate hangar array and Bestower near it.

I get very excited, but deep down something didn't feel right. Tower was Online. How the hell tower can be online, with hangars and no forcefield? Furthermore, Bestower was unpiloted. I started taking a closer look at the modules. While there were a lot of them and majority anchored, some were online. I couldn't really make an estimation what was working and what was not, so I decide to do something very stupid. I decloak at 300km to see what happens. I immediately get targeted by the modules and get my shield down. No, thank you. I warp away, but come back to asses the situation. It's a clear bait tower and I haven't seen one without the forcefield, like ever, so it is a super strange find. I swear to Bob, I almost blindly ordered my fleet of Nestors to warp and shoot that Hangar. I take a closer look through modules to check if there were any warp disruptors. I could go YOLO and kill that hangar, but of course there were some. I started researching the inhabiting corp and found out it was SLEEPY TENDERNESS. A pretty active corp that does a lot of pvp action. I quickly find their "real" tower with CEO sitting there. Checking his title it was clear this corp meant business.

I continue with my search for preys. Things are different now. After removal of watch-list it's been a quite shitty experience I must say. I still think that change makes sense (I'm against free instant intel), but that hit my gameplay harder than expected. I find potential targets, but I never know if they are online, which limits my movement quite a lot. If I know my targets are online I might stay stealthy and don't do any scouting. If I know they are offline I would look around in the surrounding systems.

Since I do not get much action and don't get much content to write about, I focus on programming my market analysis that I've been putting off for awhile now. Dive more into Python, but the more I read, the more I feel helpless. Last time I somehow end up reading about quantitative finance, which then I promptly closed and went to investopedia instead, desperately trying to find something that my primitive mind can handle. I try to focus not on the goal, but on the journey. If I end up creating something it will probably be very shitty, but it's a great opportunity to get familiar with the tools and learn something new! I've been considering to document my approach. so there might be some trading related posts in the future.

Meanwhile, the closest thing to an action I got in recent week was tackling and shooting a Venture.

It was piloted by Alexander Ryan Bishop, who is less than two weeks old. Honesty I was so uninterested in it that I almost left it mining in peace. But then I thought if it's a new player, why not give him a proper welcome to wormhole space? And so I went in. I was pleased to be able to lock it in time. I also managed to grab and kill his pod, which killmail I didn't even bother to check until half day later. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

A 230mil pod kill from a pilot, younger than my Nestor. And with that, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!


  1. Amra Ni-Yesta's title....isn't there a minimum age limit to play Eve?

  2. That's a Bug-Zapper POS. Forcefields are only activated when someone sets a password. No password, no forcefield. Those things are pretty hilarious. It's one of the few things I'll miss when citadels will replace them completely, together with the loot pinatas when towers run out of fuel.

  3. I'll have some of what Amra Ni-Yesta's having please