Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dry spell

I've been under the dry spell lately. Or so I think. Since I upgraded my new fleet I did not have any opportunities. Well, actually I would be lying. You know when you get a new toy you get over paranoid and are over protective of it?

Yea so I've been under the impression that universe has been collaborating against me to take away my shiny new toy before I could even use it. One wormhole I have been stalking had some activity. It all started with me spotting a Procurer jumping in from high-sec.

While I don't particularly get excited about t1 mining barges, I do have hope that sleepers will spawn to defend the ore site and pilot will bring something more shiny to kill them. But in wormholes you never know who else is in the system. Unless you get very lucky you might find out the hard way. I was lucky to spot William Schattauer, a Wingspan pilot.

Now Wingspan is a very well known wormhole hunting group. As expected, I watch the bomber to warp to the ore site to take a shot at the mining barge. Unfortunately my slow Proteus lands too late and only Purifier is on grid, with no barge or it's wreck in the view. I guess Purifier missed his chance at the barge kill and I missed my chance at the bomber kill as I see him cloak up shortly after landing. I park my Proteus on the wormhole and go away for a short break. When I come back, I find an interesting monologue in local.

It looks like Mad Max came back in a pvp ship. I don't know what he did reship to against a bomber, but it's clear he didn't get the fight he was looking for. Now there is a general rule in EVE that you should always keep your mouth shut. Even if you are an experienced pilot, taunting in local will most likely make you end up in a pod.

Most people know that Wingspan are no strangers to fleets. Fleets with logi support, jammers, neuts, kind of fleets that would fuck my Nestors up. Why do I care about that all of a sudden? Mostly because there now was an Astero hacking sites in the system. So there's a mining barge in the system, Wingspan fails to gank it, barge's pilot comes back in a pvp ship to taunt and now, conveniently, there is a sister's frigate doing sites. This doesn't add up. I watch the little frigate for a little while to see if anyone will try to kill it.

I watch him move from can to can, but nothing happens. It still smells fishy so I decide to convo the Wingspan pilot to see what's up.

Well, that was easy. So Wingspan is nowhere near. With the intel I needed I was now ready to grab the Astero. I decloak, turn on my sensor booster with tackle mods and grab the Astero before he has a chance to react. Should I slowly kill him with my small smartbombs or should I bring in a Nestor to get this over with quickly? Turns out neither is an option as I watch the frigate warp away like he didn't have 3 point faction scrabmler and 1 point disruptor on him. Astero has 4 low slots and I have 4 scram points. Sigh. Frigate can do class 3 wormhole sites while fully fitted with warpcore stabilizers. Is it just me or does anybody else sees a problem here?


  1. Now, you do sound like Rixx Javix here... :)

  2. The solution is, of course, Night Fever.

  3. Whats wrong with saving your ship while doing the activities you like?

    1. Don't know. Maybe being able to do those activities in a c3, which is supposed to be middle difficulty?