Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best patch ever and I am serious

A word about changes

So today CCP patched Rubicon 1.1.  There's so much I want to tell that I don't know where to start. There are handful of new features added. feel free to check the log. Most notable are new deployable structures and SOE Battleship, which started with 5 bil sales price - LOL, and I am laughing not because it is stupid, but because it's actually genius. Well, genius might be a strong word, but EvE, like real world, probably has...echem...people with special needs... that must be first to get it.  I wonder if there was anyone who bought it THAT overpriced, but in evening price seems to have stabilized around 1.6bil. Looks like there were 10 transactions already. I guess first sales were a bit overpriced at almost 1.9bil average. It will be interesting to see where demand and final price will go.

Two new deployables I want to highlight are:

  • Mobile Scan Inhibitor – Provides a way to hide ships from probe and directional scanning.
  • Mobile Micro Jump Unit – Launches a ship 100km in its current direction, similar to the Large Micro Jump Drive module.
This is going to be ridiculous. It's either hate it or love it. Based from feedback on the forums, people don't like new deployables that much (not to mention ESS, which generated river of null tears). I guess, in the end, everyone misses a real content and not just questionable items that most likely will be annoyance rather than added value. The Micro Jump Unit sounds like get out of jail free card. Long points in fleet fights will not be as useful anymore. I don't really see added value to this deployable, but more like less risk in pvp, which will also make it even harder to jump on someone in small fleet.  Best part is that it only has 5km activation radius.

The Scan inhibitor is going to be a tough one. Just put them everywhere and dscan is basically rendered to uselessness. If you come across farming fleet you have no idea if someone is still doing sites or are long gone. Granted, it has only one hour lifetime, but sometimes, that is all you need. This one also gets thumbs down from me, because it nerfs small gang pvp big time. Prepare baiting fleet and hide the rest at safe spots with MSI around the system. People will not engage anymore until they have some sort of reliable intel, which Dscan used to provide. Instead of 5min getting dscan results and making decision if to fight or not, now you will have scouts for half an hour gathering intel by scanning and warping to MSI for a check. Let's hope it won't be as bad as I imagine.

PVP on patch day. What could possibly go wrong?

It was a quiet day. My video drivers crashed as soon as I logged in to EvE. I thought it was a one time thing, so just relaunched the client and continued playing.

I started by rolling our static's static c3, because I was feeling like ganking or finding small gang, a rare thing to have in c5.  New spawn had 5 wh connections in it. A lot of c2s and low secs, which is very nice. I scanned them all, scanned couple of c2s in addition, but no activity. Probably makes sense, its 1.1gb patch and not everyone may be up to speed yet. Anyway, I decide to take a look at one of lowsecs, which seemed to have some sort of activity and ship kills few jumps away. I started gathering people, to get ready their pvp ships in case I find any targets. "You want to pvp on patch day?", - jokingly said our CEO. "Of course", - I replied. What could possibly go wrong? Well apparently this:
As soon as I was a jump away, my eve client crashed, with some pirates in the area. Oh boy. Don't get the adrenaline rush from your fights? This is your chance. It's like an EvE-Russian roulette. Kill stuff, before client kills you. Nope, thank you. I would like to actually give a fight instead of becoming a punching bag when logged out. I decide to keep my ship and turn back home. When I returned home, something seemed off. I could swear I warped to 0, but somehow ended up 400km of the tower. What the hell? I tried to cloak up or warp back and I can't. Seems I'm too near my hanger. Ok...

I think I will cut it short today. In fact, it's funny. It all is fun and games, no reason to rage. That is until you get your shiny ship killed and not reimbursed. If it wont affect your wallet, it may affect your mood at the very least. So what is so good about this patch that all I did today was complain? I present you:

The very best change in EvE

Yes, standings in local do not work, apart from fleet. There always have been 2 camps. One asking to remove local and the other saying to leave it as is. Why not have a compromise? We leave the local, but remove standings. Sure, if it's 5 guys in the system it won't be hard to see who is who, but try that in more populated areas. Wouldn't it be great? You would actually have a chance to be unnoticed by your nemesis in your hunt outside w-space. That's easily THE best change so far in my book. Fly dangerous o/


  1. set eve client to directX9 and it won't cash anymore

    1. yea, I did it in the end, just did not expect it to be that unstable. Though it might be issue with ATI cards in particular, as I heard Nvidia was more reliable.