Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moving my life to Jita... God bless the black/red frog freight

A few days ago I got a nice K-space exit, 1 jump from my previous home in low sec. It was a nice visit. Something similar to when you move out to another city/country and when you come back to your old place you suddenly start feeling a lot of nostalgia.

Fageras is a nice and quiet little space. Nothing much happens in the area, or never did as I do not live there anymore and don't know if anything has changed. If you are looking for good fights and pvp there, you will be disappointed. There's little of interest and apart from a few roaming gangs and local pirate organizations, not much was going on. Only people passing by to Delve and some random tourists. Nevertheless it was my home. The lack of targets and constant baits polished my skills of hunting and intel gathering. Worth mentioning it was also TEST temporary HQ after they got kicked out of null. Exciting times were those. But enough about the past.

After getting connection I decided to do a little clean up. As I moved to the area shortly after starting EvE it was my only home. Needless to say all my assets were there as well. After I moved out to W-Space I left most of them behind, thinking I might be back someday, so ships and modules were just sitting there, gathering dust and rust. Now, after trying new things, I think it's very unlikely I will be back, thus I decided to liquidate my assets.

So... many... assets....  I'm a guy that hates shopping. Both in eve and in RL. Once I buy stuff, I make sure I have it for awhile. I had every ship you could ever need for and every module you would hope for. Mind you, I never did missioning so all that stuff was bought and brought just because. The advantage of having multiple ships with 5 different fits each is very nice. Whatever situation was, I got it under control. Need sniper Talos? No problem. Covert cyno tackle proteus? Sure thing! A guardian? Can do! I even had 2 proteus fits dedicated for specific expeditions in nullsec that escalated from doing plexes. It was time to ship it all and get some isk.

It took me a good couple of hours to organize stuff. Sold some shinies to my friends, repaired damaged stuff, repackaged what I could, reprocessed what I did not care about. With so many items and such large cargo space it probably would have taken weeks working full time to get all the stuff to Jita, even with personal JF/Freighter fleet. But thanks to Black Frog freight I don't need to do that. These guys are doing god's work. I setup 20+ contracts for them and then moved on my way.

Imagine my surprise when almost all my contracts were fulfilled within a day. Unbelievable. This game is truly remarkable. Of course I've probably spent 2+ bil in fees, but was totally worth it. The time saved is worth way more. I love you Frog Freight guys!

P.S. Doing cleanup I also checked my high sec stuff. I had very good moments viewing that ninja salvaging vigil or that PVP fit myrm that I used to gank carebears with. Not to mention my first thorax I used when trying to gank ishtar in a plex and failed miserably. Even got a tear in my eye.  Give it a moment and check your asset window. I'm sure you will find some personal treasures too!

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