Thursday, January 30, 2014

Multiboxing to the death. Didn't want that proteus anyway...

Ordinary day

Today was going to be a rather slow day. A blackhole static is never a good sign. Also not a good sign when blackhole's static is also a blackhole. Nobody likes blackholes. Ain't that right, Kim?

While my buddies were busy scanning, I decided to look around another c2>highsec connection and scan for some low class WH activity. Maybe gank a drake? I found a C1 with a Raven Navy Issue. I do not know how it ended up in the wormhole which has 20m max mass, but that sparkled my interest. There was a lot of activity in general, transport ships and frigates jumping in and out from C1 to Highsec. After waiting a little bit I got bored and decided just to semi afk camp in case they try to finish off that one anomaly that was still present. I parked it at the exit and started doing some trading meanwhile.

Turns out, corpmates are also not big fans of black wormholes and decision was to roll the static. So while some was busy rolling and scouting, I was busy in market pvp allwhile idling in teamspeak. Suddenly I hear voices going up as there are some activity, apparently, with orca and navy scorpion on scan. Something is definitely up. I still keep my scout at c1 and prepare my main for some pews, while still playing with the market.

Small gang pvp

Suddenly scorp is caught at the wormhole and reports are in reporting more ships incoming.  Since we have only a few people on, a call for help is sent out and me with a couple of other guys start going to the hotspot. Soon we land and true small gang pvp began. Nothing fancy, something like 5v5, with pilots being on both sides of  the wormhole for control. We had few more t3, they had few more ewar. 

Ammo was traded on both sides and things were quite exciting. This is how wormhole fights should be. No major blob, just a "friendly" shootout. Even though T3 can take some punishment, buffer tank means that usually you run out of buffer sooner or later. Without any ewar of our own and no good counter to theirs, we found out to be slowly dying and split up. Since our t3s were with sneaky cloaky bastard fits we could have tried to bail, but didn't want to. We wanted the fight to go on. We couldn't call for extra help either, because we didn't have anyone else on. So what does one do? Bring more alts of course.  I quickly closed my trading alts and logged in a couple of dominixes with remote reps to escalate the fight a bit. I also decided to recall my C1 afk scout.

Brain fart

Things started to get a bit tense. After warp changes, battleships warp as slow as ever. Micromanaging multi windows started to get it's toll. Friendlies reporting low armor and enemies bailing out with the structure decision making became based on the reflexes rather than thinking. 

Sometimes it's quite good to be able to act very fast. It can be quite the advantage when you are so familiar with the surroundings that you don't need to think to make a decision. Sometimes, however, not... Suddenly harbinger jumps back with the structure and I hear my mates reporting jam cycles now and then. But wait! I brought my tackle from C1. I quickly swap to my tackle account and sure enough, I see a harbinger on overview. Without wasting a second I get my weapons hot and tackle him. Oh dear god! Then it suddenly hits me. The green number in the left corner and stations in the overview is far from the wormhole environment. It's a bloody High-Sec! Right away I realize how this is going to end. While I wait for space police to put me out of my misery,  I try to jump out, eject, with hope that standings were not the only thing that got messed up in the latest patch. Concord finally arrives and I get ready to warp my pod clear, even make a screenshot while at it. 

What a sad ending to my proteus. It served me well. May you rest in peace my dear friend. His retirement was long overdue and well deserved. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Meanwhile pvp fight has also ended with hostiles bailing out and us tagging a loki and a harbinger kills.

All sentimentality out of the way, I started thinking, what are the odds that I will see a bloody Harbinger on our C2 exit at the same time while engaging one a couple of jumps away in w-space.  What a coincidence! I also realized that there's no reason for me to keep safety off and so I set it to yellow. As I am no longer a pirate, killing pods in low sec, it's time to use carebear protection and avoid my self concorded in the future.

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