Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello you random stranger


Hello and welcome to my blog.  As an avid lurker of other blogs, I've decided it's finally time to start keeping journal for myself.  In this blog I will write mostly about subjects related to Eve Online, specifically about wormhole life, trading, pvp and other various aspects of  the game. However, occasionally you can expect to see other games in the headline. As it's my first blog and that I am anything but a writer, as also english is not my first language, I ask your forgiveness and patience for poorly constructed sentences and grammar mistakes.

About me

My in game name is Zosius. I started eve back in 2010 and kept playing ever since. I started out as a ninja salvager back in the day until I got dragged to lowsec by my friends where I spent majority of my time as a little pirate, happily smartbombing pods and inconveniencing people every way I could. Now for a change I moved to W-space where I sit cloaked up and stalk unsuspecting targets while shoot a ship or two in K-space.

Let our journey begin!

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