Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To be or not to be?

Or should I say: to kill it or not to kill? What kind of stupid question is that, you might ask. Well, sometimes your spirits are just not into it. That's how I felt when I was checking out systems and saw a Myrmidon on scan in one of the lowsec systems.

A gank without passion

I am passionate about what I do. If I hunt someone, I try to be as efficient and as discreet as I can be. The more challenging is to get a prey, the more rewarding it is to kill it. However, there are times, when you see someone and you have second thoughts if you should kill him. This mostly happens with new players that look helpless. Meet IIIMIWYTKAIII. A month old player. His name strikes the one of an alt, however after watching him for awhile, doing an anomaly, I began to think he might be a legitimate new player, with a weird name.

He's just doing the site, in a very slow fashion I might add, but doing it non the less. System is a lowsec pocket between two highsecs. I am not sure if he is aware that he is in lowsec. There are few neutrals in local, but mostly it seems to be passers by or afk at the station.

While watching him, I start moving my Domi fleet that is several jumps out. There's nothing else to do. I also scan the system. In other words, there is a lot of activity going on for Myrmidon pilot to be concerned of. I wouldn't be mad if he just warped off. Heck, with such low motivation, I would even prefer it. So while my slow battleships make their way to lowsec wormhole, I am hoping, that there will be someone else aiming for an easy kill. I would love to see some cloaky t3 taking the "bait". Unfortunately nothing happens.

It also doesn't look like Myrmidon pilot knows about triggers. Seems like he can barely tank the rats and thus keeping his distance. I don't know what kind of dps he does from so far away, but my guess it's not much. I have a feeling he will call it quits soon, so I might just grab him now since my Domi fleet is here.

It takes but a couple of seconds and ship blows up. When looking to his killmail I get nostalgic. The ship I spent most time in doing stuff in my early days was a Myrmidon. It's a bit special to kill a pve fitted Myrmidon.

Isn't it adorable. Those t1 mods, not fully rigged, max cap rechargers. So cute. I hope he grows big and strong and starts flying shiny ships. Until then, I hope killing him gave him some excitement and he will stick around, especially after calling me an asshole in local.


  1. That last line made me laugh.

    It's all about player retention, getting them angry enough that they swear they won't fall for it a second time. Or even better, swear vengeance and turn to a life of pvp thanks to you.

  2. In EVE Online PVP finds you :).