Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cheering for the away team

I sort of like wormholes with high-sec static. They often have some kind of activity. I do frequent stops at such wormholes. They are like gas stations to fuel pvp that you so much need after stalking inactive wormholes for longer periods of time. Of course most of the content is brought by innocent high-sec tourists. One such I tackle at the data site.

Astero was meeting his death in a very slow way. My Proteus has a whopping 37.5 dps

It has a symbolic one blaster fitted with two small smartbombs for those pesky light ecm drones. While its job is mostly to keep things in place, it does have just enough dps to kill most scanning frigates. It takes awhile, but gets the job done. Astero pops.

An Astero fitted for risk aversion. Not averse enough with only 2 wcs in lows. I'm surprised to see one empty slot and that random thermic hardener. If this ship will encounter any situation where he needs that extra thermal resist, it sure won't save him. After the fight, I get a convo request.

John was not very happy to have lost his first faction scanning ship. Welcome to w-space, John.

How does one know that he is not alone in a wormhole? Why check d-scan and hope you spot some signs of activity, of course.

Crofton271 was totally oblivious to 4 sets of sisters core scanner probes in the system. He decided it was good time to work on those data and relic sites. Too bad for him, one of those probe sets was mine.

The scanning ship feels the wrath of my almost teethes Proteus. I must admit I was nervous as fuck. I actually waited for him to finish half the site to see if someone else will attack him. While slowly killing the Buzzard I was aligned to random celestials, ready to warp out on moments notice.

The system was getting dangerous. Bunch of hostile ships started appearing on d-scan.

Something was definitely up and I had pretty good idea what. The ships belonged to The Last Chancers alliance. A very active pvp group. They were patiently waiting for Crofton271s wormhole rolling luxury yacht to appear. And once it did, they went for the kill.

It was like watching a pack of lions going after gazelle. The yacht desperately burned back to the wormhole and jumped out, but Sabre and Hecate followed. I was cheering for The Last Chancers. I couldn't see what was happening on the other side, but later checking out the killboard, I found out the story had a happy ending. The yacht was destroyed and the pilot sent back to the empire by pod express.

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  1. It's possible he fit the thermal hardner for covert sites...I'm pretty sure the damage output of the cans blowing up are thermal if you mess of the hack. But it's also possible he just threw it on for no good reason....I've seen worse.