Saturday, June 4, 2016

Shooting yourself in the foot

I've been stalking a c4 for awhile. It seems every time I try to settle in a wormhole and wait for a potential Marauder kill or any other ship capable of running c4 anoms, nothing happens. I poke my head in a c3 static instead. Two Dominixes and wrecks appear on d-scan.

C4 might be dead, but c3 is springing with life. I quickly resolve the Dominixes at one of the anomalies, make perch and tackle them both when ready.

So far so good. Pre-warped Nestor fleet soon lands and I focus Roman Krlov's Dominix as primary. The battleship explodes in just a matter of seconds. Just when I finish setting up a spider tank and get ready to focus on the second Dominix, it's nowhere to be seen. That's strange. I could swear I had both ships tackled. The beginning of a gank is the most critical time for me. While I lock the primary and setup my spider tank, I pay almost zero attention to the battlefield. I open up the corp's kill history to see if I got them both, but find only one report.

Two warp core stabilizers fitted. What's with this all this risk aversion? Just thinking about the time it takes to lock sleepers makes me shudder. Not even a sensor booster fitted. Even if two warp core stabilizers were fitted on the other Dominix as well, it's still a mystery why he disappeared from the overview as my faction scrambler has 3 point strength.  Turns out, that while I was busy killing the first Dominix, he was busy killing his friend.

To his credit, he did manage to finish off his partner and get the kill to which I contributed just barely over 7% of damage. In other words, I whored on my victims killmail. While this Dominix did not have any wcs fitted, he did have an empty slot. As a bonus, cheap pod also met his doom. I'm pretty sure this was a guy multiboxing duo combo and me showing up on grid raised a big panic attack.

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