Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weak reinforcements

Just chilling, minding my own business when an Armageddon with a Scythe appears on the d-scan. I am curious about the newcomers in my system. They did not come through the low-sec connection that I had parked my Proteus on, so I was rather surprised by the unexpected d-scan results. I find the ships at an anomaly.

I get in position, align the Nestors and go in for the kill. I manage to lock the Armageddon, but the Scythe disappears from the overview. Or should I say - explodes. The Sleepers did not accept the logistics ship kindly and popped him before he could warp away. I literally was a second too late to whore on the killmail. Since the Scythe just got destroyed, I assume the Armageddon would be on its way out. If I was not all over it that is.

Even with 2 repair modules backed by cap boosters, the battleship goes down in just seconds. The pod warps clear, but I manage to get the direction. It seems the visitors came from the neighboring c4 wormhole. I park the Proteus on it to keep an eye on any activity.

Half an hour later I hear an activation sound. A Sabre appears and cloaks up. Interesting. I wonder what's the plan here. Minutes later, a Megathron jumps in, burns back to the wormhole and jumps out.

It would be a perfect chance to try and grab that Megathron, but I can't help but feel uneasy with the Sabre sitting cloaked up. This could be a trap, but why is the Megathron so eager to jump out? Wouldn't it make more sense to actually wait out the timer on this side? The corp's killboard doesn't look dangerous so even if it is a bait, I am willing to take the risk.

I let the Megathron do a few jumps until the wormhole gets below 50% of mass. I check the clock and after 4 minutes decloak and align the Nestor fleet. Thankfully it's outside the d-scan range. This way I will enter warp before the Sabre bubbles up and will land on 0, ready to jump through if needed. 5 minutes passes and I nervously await for that jump sound. Here it is, my speakers announce the arrival of the battleship.

Everything goes as expected. The Sabre decloaks and bubbles up while the Megathron tries to burn back to the wormhole, but get's tackled by the Proteus.

No reinforcements are coming in. I force the Saber out and focus fire on the Megathron. It's hull tanked and holds quite well, but eventually goes down. Conveniently the bubble lasts just enough time to kill the pod too. I loot the wreck and warp the fleet back to the safe spot. Before I can enter warp, a heavy interdictor jumps in and bubbles up the wormhole. Oh shit. I set up the spider tank, set drones on assist mode and get ready to fight whoever came in.  I expect a big fleet, but only a few cruisers show up which are no match for the Nestor trio. I force them out and warp away, confused on what it was exactly the enemy tried to achieve.

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