Saturday, June 25, 2016

The best PI ship for the job

It's nice to get visitors in the wormhole I happen to stalk. This time a Megathron jumps in through the high-sec and warps to an ore site. I immediately follow. I don't even make a perch, because ore sites have just few sleepers and I might miss my opportunity. I manage to land 20km off the target and just after the battleship fires few shots it gets surrounded by the Nestor fleet.

Like a pack of vultures, biting chunks of the Megathron's armor, piece by piece until there's nothing left and it explodes.

What an interesting fit. Tank on this ship is almost non-existant. Dual web, blaster fit with no propulsion mod and too many damage mods in lows. I honestly have no idea what this ship is supposed to do. Clearing sleepers from the ore site is just about the sole thing I can think of.

There's a saying that you don't look to the teeth of a gift horse and so I do not care what modules my prey has fitted. Every kill is a gift from Bob that I will happily take. Target's are like lightnings. It's very rare for one to hit the same place twice. I decide to scout the surrounding systems for more activity.

Few jumps out, I am just in time to find a Tengu starting up it's farming activities. I love being at the right place at the right time. I tackle the strategic cruiser and kill it in a short manner.

A nice kill. Could be nicer though. I miss the days when everyone would pimp their Tengus with a shiny loot. A billion worth of kill was the standard, but now, I am lucky to find one over 500mil.

Speaking of the right place and the right time, sometimes you can truly experience such a moment. It was a usual day with me orbiting a random c3 with a high-sec static. I hear an activation sound and put my focus on EVE client. I was expecting some random Stratios or a scanning frigate, but to my surprise, a holy grail of ships jumps in. An Orca!

There she is. A beautiful whale just came through. What an opportunity! There was only one problem - I was way too far out to do anything. The industrial command ship was 40km off and picking up speed. In disbelief, that such a target would appear on my overview, I watch it warp away to the tower in the system. I find the ship sitting safely at the pos. There's also a Hyperion with signs of activity.

Perhaps Hyperion will do some farming. A battleship kill is always nice. I try not to get too upset about the Orca. It was out of my control. You never know who will jump in and I usually keep safe distance when afk orbiting wormholes. The plan now was to wait for the Hyperion to do something or, if by any chance, that Orca will do another high-sec run, I can try my luck in grabbing it on the way back. The battleship doesn't go anywhere, but the Orca starts picking up speed. Camera zooms out so I know it's in warp. I pay close attention to where it will go. I am positive it will be a high-sec wormhole and already start thinking on how to get it. Here it goes, it is warping off! But wait a minute. It's not the direction of the high-sec wormhole. He warps to a.... planet.

An Orca warps to a planet. Is this reality or am I dreaming? What could be the reason for it to warp to a planet? Could be it warped to a moon to drop a tower? Or could it have warped to a customs office? No, that can't be right. Must be a moon. I decide to warp to a customs office anyway. Idea is to land on the planet and d-scan the moon that Orca might be at. But against all odds, I have the Orca appear on the overview and it lands directly on the customs office. I still can't believe this is a real deal. My mind is playing tricks on me. This must be a bait. Whatever it is, I go for it.

Soon I was all over it. Slowly destroying hull and waiting for that glorious explosion to happen while simultaneously checking d-scan like a mad man. Until the very last moment, I expect to see a bunch of ships appear and kill my poor fleet. But d-scan stays clear and the Orca explodes.

Behold, another successful whale hunt. I quickly check for any loot to scoop and warp back to high-sec, satisfied, with such a nice gift from Bob. Some really unexpected things can always happen in w-space.


  1. Knew it wasn't going to be an epithal kill but an orca...well it is cheaper as a cargo extended paladin.