Monday, August 1, 2016

A man's choice

It's good to change up things. My decision to move on already was paying off. It started with a pair of Ravens trying to roll their connection. Unfortunately for them, I happened to orbit the very same wormhole.

At first I watched them to jump in, slowboat back and jump out. 5 minutes polarization timer was enough for me to get within 2500m range. Once I heard the jump sound, I warped the Nestors and decloaked the Proteus ready for tackle. Ganking the wormhole rolling battleships was not without surprises - my Proteus got scrammed. Shortly I started hearing multiple activation sounds which gave me even bigger scare. I knew it was impossible that I was spotted or that it was a bait, since I haven't really checked out any connects, just scanned the system. Thankfully, the Nestors soon landed, I setup a spider tank and forced the enemy fleet out. When unexpected fight happens, my priority is survival, so I do not put much attention on focus fire as much as I do on managing reps. I still managed to score a kill which I only noticed when I got a notification.

Good start so far, but these were merely the neighbors rolling the connection. I am stalking the c4 in hopes to see locals doing the sites.

Sometimes things catch me unprepared. Like an Orca all of a sudden landing on a c2.

I have drifted 79km as I am too lazy to make a proper perch and just let the ship drift 150km+. It's so rare for such a spontaneous, potentially high value, kill to appear during this time. I pretended as if it never happened and stick with my old ways. Do not try to gang the Orca. Instead, realize the truth - there is no Orca.

The c4, I was stalking in, just kept giving. I haven't seen a single local pilot, but plenty of tourists. I was excited to see a tourist Tengu.

A Tengu that is clearing a c4 site is much more interesting than the one doing an anomaly in a c3. I let him clear of what I think are the tackle frigates and go in for the kill.

The killing goes quickly and it's no surprise. Once those heavy neutralizers start working their magic, the ship explodes like any other cruiser. I'm a bit disappointed with the fit. Not sure if this Tengu is even capable of running the c4 sites. I do like the deadspace shield booster and the anplifier, but I expected at least a full rack of faction ballistic control units.

But all this was merely a teaser, for Bob had something very special in mind. He sends visitors my way.

Not just any visitors. Finally someone who runs anomalies in style. It's been awhile since I saw a Marauder. I get a little worried about the Rattlesnakes joining the Vargur, but they seem to be doing a different anomaly. This is perfect. Once I tackle with the Proteus, perhaps the Rattlesnakes will come to an aid. I finally will get to test how that extra Armageddon, that I brought, will fit the team. I don't care how much cap that ship has, he is going down.

I do the usual surprise attack, by pre-warping the Nestors and decloaking the Proteus a second later once they show up on d-scan. Fight is over before I can even launch Ogres with the Amarr battleship. The Marauder explodes as if it was made from scrap metal and duct tape.

An almost 3 bil worth of killmail. It's because of these moments I never lose faith in Bob. After ganking so many cheap ships, finally I meet someone who has balls to put something shiny on the line. Kudos Vrajik Malit. Please don't let this encounter discourage you from choosing manly ships in the future.


  1. That Orca pilot has been careless with his ship before. We caught him a few weeks ago trying to haul all his loot out for some reason, through 3 of the systems in our chain with no scout. Nice read and awesome Vargur kill!

  2. Yeah that was my Vargur. Once the Nestors landed I knew there was no saving me so I told the Rattles to gtfo. And I was right considering how quickly I went down; no cap = dead Vargur.

    Good piloting, see you out in space.