Friday, August 19, 2016

Elusive Rattlesnake

Summer is a slow period. I have been enjoying vacation that, sadly, is coming to an end. In addition, I've also got myself a Vive virtual headset. The thing is bloody expensive, but let me tell you one thing - it's totally worth it. Putting that helmet on and launching first game was like losing virginity and even that doesn't compare. My god, virtual reality is everything I have dreamed of as a child. I can't wait for 2nd or 3rd generation to come.

Naturally with me being away and spending time with the new toys, there's hardly any time left for EVE. To be honest, being absent for awhile feels like a rehab. EVE is a damn addiction and sometimes I feel quite anxious to even start the client.

After scoring a Vargur kill I move to another c4. Not just any c4, but one with a history. System is J100107, a home of SS Squire. Who the hell is he? Well, he is a guy I've had pleasure to encounter in January earlier this year. I remember him, because I've killed his Golem and the name just stuck in my head. Seems like a perfect time to catch up with old friends. He had plenty of time to farm for a new ship. I am happy to find the tower still online, so I settle in. While no Marauder appears, I do find a random guy in a Rattlesnake. He would fly 5000 km off tower and do weird things at his mobile depot, without moving an inch. I wait for him to do the sites, but nothing happens. After awhile, my patience runs out and I decide to take him on.  After all, at this distance tower won't do shit.

The tackle goes without a hitch. I pre-warp the Nestor fleet and hope the Rattlesnake won't refit to warp core stabilizers in time. Unfortunately, the guy does not panic and warps out just as I finish locking with the first Nestor. I helplessly watch him warp back to the tower. Oh well, screw him and that ship. I hate Rattlesnakes. I stick around in the system and try my luck once again next day. And once again, the Rattlesnake warps out as soon as Nestors land.

The Rattlesnakes are like a curse to me. I stick around for a few days more, but the guy, I was hoping to meet in the first place, was nowhere to be seen. Only a random dude, with access rights to the tower and his Rattlesnake. After numerous encounters, the dude already knew he was not alone in the system. Even my new partner tried to gank him with a dictor, but the guy was vigilant and warped out. We decide there's no point in staying much longer and move on.

I also would like to welcome Trey Udan for joining my one man corp. Trey is a bigger multi-boxer than I am. He brings a dictor and more Nestors into the mix. Watch out Rattlesnakes. I only hope we will manage to kill at least one of you, before dying miserably to some pvp fleet.

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