Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prepare your anus

After coming back from vacation, me and my partner decide to move out of the c3 we have been staying at. After initial scouting, we find a c4, occupied by a small corp with few interesting losses in the killboard. It also has a c4 and c3 statics, which is nice for chain scouting. In my personal opinion, c4 wormholes are most lucrative as sites can be soloed easily enough with a little pimp.

But theory is one thing and practice is another. The chain looks pretty quiet. I do a routine fly-by, but find only empty towers. We have active c4, c3 statics and a k162 which leads to a pulsar c2. I jump in and as expected: d-scan returns nothing. The wormhole is at the edge of the system so I decide to do a quick warp. Half asleep I click scan button and a Gila with sleeper wrecks appear. What's this now? I actually have a target to shoot?

I quickly log in my fleet and ping the corpmate. Gila is hardly an exciting target, but it's still better than a Drake. While I'm busy fleeting up, now I have a Rattlesnake on scan. I hate Rattlesnakes. I quickly pinpoint his position and find him at the anomaly hugging an mtu. The Gila is still in the system, with wrecks and another mtu, but no anomaly. Speaking of anomalies, there's only one left and I'm in it. This being a c2 wormhole, sleepers pop one after another. We don't have much time. Our fleet warps to the c2, jumps in and holds the cloak until I order warp.

I get a positive tackle. The Gila warps to assist, but at a safe range. However, seeing as he can't do much once the cavalry arrives, he warps out. Meanwhile, the Rattlesnake feels the wrath of the Nestors.

Pulsar or not, the battleship dies before we can even manage to lock it with all the ships. It feels good. With a partner to back me up, we will tear the Rattlesnakes a new one, no matter how tanked they will be.


  1. Ozymandias SpariousAugust 24, 2016 at 9:41 PM

    Praise Bob the Wormhole God!
    Also. Watch out For Remote Repair Rattlesnakes.
    That is all!

    1. Not too worried about that with the neuts at my disposal.