Thursday, February 12, 2015

Luck sometimes favors the stupid

It's been few days since I am back to my home wormhole. It's been rather quiet lately so I decided to do some rolling and scout for new connections.

Not paying attention can cost big

There was an active static which "looked" healthy. I jumped in few battleships and boarded my trusty dread. I am not particularly fond of capitals. Moros I own is the first and only capital I have bought. It even still has large rigs on it. Originally designed for pvp, now it is repurposed for pve activities in wormhole, though lately with my passion for pve I usually sit out my site runs and go do some trading instead or go afk and watch something. While shooting sleepers is a good change of pace, but when it comes to terms of isk, it's just psychologically hard to do something that pays 10th of worth of what you could get updating orders in the same time.

So only job my dread was doing lately was rolling wormholes when most of my corp was afk and no carriers were available. I do my standard procedure and jump in and out 3 Dominixes.  Half asleep warp my Moros in while surfing webs on other screen. I embrace the fact that without proper scouting and with no backup as corp is afk I might die to an ambush. Sometimes I just don't care that much and just solo roll hoping for the best.

Moros lands on the wormhole and jumps in. Only then I notice wormhole wobble, which is normal, however I notice that wobble resembles that of a critical status. I check the info and my fears are confirmed. Wormhole wen't critical and is on verge of collapse.

Well, holy shit. It's obvious wormhole had already some mass decreased. Me not paying attention could have ended up with my dread stranded in the static, without any scanner and no good exit out to k-space.

To make matters more interesting, suddenly a neutral cheetah lands on the wormhole. I still have 1km to burn to 5000m range in order to be able to jump. I overheat my MWD and hope there is no big fleet following. It could take only one cruiser to collapse the wormhole. An unlikely situation for someone to jump through the wormhole that is about to be rolled without eyes on the other side, but it's enough to increase my heart rate.

I am not so much worried about being attacked at this stage. I am still in semi shock by thinking of how this scenario could have developed for the worst. Had wormhole collapsed, cheetah could have tackled me and I could have done nothing about it. I am happy that this time BOB's will was in my favor and I got out safely. I owe him some corpses for a sacrifice. Praised be BOB.

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