Friday, February 27, 2015

Some random updates and mumbling

Finishing with standings

It's done. It took me around a week, but standings grind is done. Sort of. I have done all Cosmos for each trader. Broker fees are down to from 0.30 to 0.32. I have not raised any corp standings because I couldn't wait to gtfo of high sec missioning. I could do the corp grind any time in the future, but for now, it will have to do. It was quite fast this time, just over a week, with full time play during weekend and only some hours on evenings during weekdays. I guess not being so poor and buying most of things of the market helped. God bless you, Cosmos item farmers

One of the most annoying things is inadequate rewards from Cosmos in all races. I did Caldari, Amarr and Gallente. Caldari has most and best rewards, Amarr has similar, but Gallente... it's like Gallente was left for last, and whoever designed Cosmos, said fuck it and just quit half way through. Literally. Gallente has roughly 30 highsec agents, while Caldari has 60. What's up with that?

About recruitment and finding a corp

I planned to do some ninja salvaging and wh stalking before I joined the corp. I couldn't wait and was eager to smartbomb some pods in lowsec, thus I was scouting for some offers and found few interesting ones. I wanted to find something very small gang in lowesec. More I did research, more I was not sure where to join. I got some great offers and met some great people. I decided to go with Better Kept Frozen., however my EU primetime play was not what I expected and thus I moved on. I had Volatile Instability contact me. Had a short talk and it felt right and I'm soon to move in. Let's hope it works out. If not, there are still many great options around.

Funny thing though. When scouting for corps, I have found some "elite" ones. I won't mention names, but the process to apply was ridiculous. Such as answer 30+ questions, do this and that, keep your API active forever for all your accounts. It's a big turn off for me. First, most questions to answer can be googled. Second, why the fuck do I need to keep my full API active? In a god damn lowsec. I know spies and ambushes is a thing, but seriously. Not feeling of having my mails and everything I do visible for some guy. In the end, you spend as much time applying as you spend applying for the real job. And I mean not just random click button apply, but adjusting your cover letter with CV according to position. There is a line I am willing to draw in a video game in terms of effort and privacy. Of course you always want a quality, but there has to be a healthy balance.

Recycling ships

Moving out my fleet out of wormhole and in general collecting spread out ship assets, I ended up with below.

Holy crap. Where do all these ships come from? 6 Megathron Navy Issues? I know I only used one for plex running. I have no idea where other 5 came from. In any case, it's always good do so some cleanup. Sometimes you end up finding things you never knew you had.

CSM Voting

I have done my part. Have you?

I gave my votes to:
1. Steve, because he is awesome asset when it comes to 3rd party tools.
2. Ashterothi, because I like exploration. Even it got updates, it still needs a lot of work. Too bad CCP fucked up some things such as crashing fucking markets. Instead of making unique mods and expand drop tables, they just increased dropping rates for same items. Always taking the easy way out.
3. Borat, because I am solo/small gang player and that is his focus
4. Sabriz, New Order candidate, because highsec pvp had enough nerfbats already.

So these guys get 7 votes from all my accounts. Best of luck to them! I probably shouldn't have put Steve as priority as he probably is going to win anyways, but oh well. At least this year I will have voted.

Skype contacts in a nutshell

And finally, nothing EVE related, but something I still wanted to share. Below picture sums up most of my contacts on skype and facebook. I hope I'm not the only one. Perhaps it's time for a cleanup too.


  1. I like potatoes as much as the next guy, but nobody needs that much starch.

  2. I found your blog and like it so much I decided to start at the beginning. Looking at this post I noticed a ship named Vash Stampede. I used to play with a guy in SWG named that. I was strafe shotte. In game name everyone is jalken gardner