Monday, February 2, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - End of first season

I continue poking various carebears in the system and end up in a mission with Plesk Storm and his Dominix. Without much effort I get aggressed. Pretty standard so far. I swoop under it's guns and start killing off the drones.

Living on the edge

I'm having unusually hard time. I shoot drones as quickly as possible, but my tank is near it's limits. Logi is in warp, but I am not sure if he's gonna make it. My nanite paste is running out and so is armor buffer. It's been going so well, will I have to leave this guy to save my ass? Have I've been sloppy? Fortunately, logi lands just in time when I enter structure. Phew, that was close.

I catch my breath and Dominix seems to be out of drones and I proceed shooting his shields and open convo. I've got all the time now. So lets see if I can get richer.

Plesk Storm > ???
Zosius > 150mil and we call it a day?
Plesk Storm > FO, not 1 time. better kill me.
Zosius > why not
Zosius > you dont want to keep your ship?
Plesk Storm > Don't payng for robbers.

We are off to a bad start. Plesk Storm has interesting view on robbing. I was just helping myself to salvage and loot available for everyone in space. He opened fire, almost killing me and yet, he's the victim.

Zosius > i am not robbing
Zosius > i am just defending myself
Zosius > you are the bad guy
Plesk Storm > )))
Zosius > 100mil. last chance
Zosius > and you can go
Plesk Storm > I havn't
Zosius > oh well
Zosius > too bad for your ship

He wouldn't budge. Looks like not paying is final decision so finish off his ship

Seeing his fit explains a lot. It's no surprise why I had such hard time tanking his drones. 4 damage mods on a Dominix brings out a lot of pain, even for an assault frigate. I also help myself to his pod which was free for the taking.

Plesk Storm > Bad just 1 thing, that you tooked me on mission... But why killed kapsule? More fine?
Zosius > I was well within rights to ensure my safety
Zosius > sanctioned by concord
Plesk Storm > Don't like thiefs and robbers.
Zosius > Salvage is free for anyone to take
Plesk Storm > Your friend shoot me))
Plesk Storm > I understand everything, but not kapsule.
Zosius > no, i defended myself
Zosius > if I am assaulted I can't just watch
Plesk Storm > No, don't tell me)  Enjoy the loot.

Plesk couldn't understand how someone could shoot a defenseless pod. In his mind, he is still innocent in shooting a frigate. Me and concord think otherwise. According to legal system, justice has been served.

Karma is a bitch

Still not feeling to call it a night I check another Dominix in the system. Once I land, I see an interesting sight.

TEARS is a well known tag of an alliance that is home for Ninja Salvaging corp. Looks like there was another ninja in this room who was more unfortunate. I start approaching to salvage the wreck. When I get yellowboxed, I get worried. He might be pvp fit, so I keep my distance. I try to gather some intel by checking his killboard and ask around in ninja channel. I find out that he did not have a scram/pvp fit. Before I decide to make my move, even more strange thing happens.

Dominix is suddenly converted into blue wreck and there's also concord present. What? How? I have hard time understanding what just happened. He didn't fire on me. I still have suspect flag and there was noone else in the area. The only way I could think of on how he got concorded, was that when he locked me, he still had a ninja wreck locked and forgot to switch target to my ship before firing, so he ended up shooting yellow wreck, with his safety off. Too bad I was not focused enough and noticed too late to get on the kill mail. Regardless, it was hilarious. He's got what he deserved. Right?

Last episode - Getting a wardec

My notification feed flashes and I notice that my corp got a wardec. Sigh.

Marmite declared war to us. Again. It's not the first time we get the wardec. It's the third. They declare war to a wormhole corp, coincidentally at the same time when I do ninja work. It is quite funny. I don't know if I can claim credit for the wardec, but I hope I had something to do with this. Me and corpies laugh it off. I love my corp. Instead of complaining for inconvenience to move stuff in highsec, everyone just laughs. It's becoming a tradition.

As for me, it's my cue to end the season. It's been great fun, but one has to be in sync with his environment. You need to give space and time for your food chain to repopulate. Let them forget you and visit again in the future. Wardec brings a great opportunity to move back to wormhole and do other stuff. I will call these series a Season 1. Let my first 2 ninja salvaging entries be a pilot that never developed into full season. I hope you enjoyed the read. I for sure will visit high-sec once again in not so distant future.

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