Friday, April 3, 2015

Logging out in space is a bad idea

It's a beautiful weekend morning. Well, not really beautiful. Weather is shit, but I close the windows and try to imagine that normal color for the sky is blue and not grey. I start up my EVE client, log in my tackle account and do a combat probe sweep on the system. There's a ship in space! I warp around and am pleased with below image.

A Rattlesnake is doing an anomaly. It doesn't take me long to find him and I start watching my prey, while bringing my Domi fleet that is 3 jumps out. Everything goes smoothly and by the book. I tackle the Rattlesnake.

Going for a ransom

Once my Domi fleet has landed I initiate conversation and ask for a ransom:

Bernard Erqui > how much?
Zosius >
Zosius > 600mil
Bernard Erqui > sorry i don't have it :(
Bernard Erqui > 400m is all i have :(
Zosius > ok
Zosius > 400mil then

I ask for a 600mil. My ransom is fact based. I copy evepraisal link to show him that I know what he has fitted and how much ship is worth it. Unfortunately I get again excuse of "that's all I have". I am offered 400mil. Sigh. I take it so we can negotiate further the remaining price.

Zosius > 400mil is all you have?
Bernard Erqui > sent
Zosius > show me screenshot of your isk
Bernard Erqui > yeah i had to lend my isk out :(
Bernard Erqui > how?
Zosius > i dont believe you
Zosius > that yo uhad 400mil equal money
Zosius > in your wallet
Bernard Erqui > I had 400
Zosius > not 430
Zosius > not 400.000.003?
Bernard Erqui > will i have actually 20,984 if you want to be exact?

As expected, we find out that carebear indeed had some ISK left that he hoped he could keep it to himself. Even that is hard to believe. He gives me story, about how he lent all his isk out. In any case, I find it hard to believe and since I don't have time to do api check if he is telling the truth, I decide to give a lesson about EVE. THE lesson - do not fly what you can't afford to lose.

Zosius > see
Zosius > it was not all you had
Zosius > so now i have to relieve you of your ship as you were not honest
Bernard Erqui > seriously?
Zosius > of course
Zosius > you should not fly a ship
Zosius > with all your isk invested
Zosius > this will be a harsh lesson in EVE

While I continue shooting him, we continue our conversation

Bernard Erqui > my ceo needed isk for plex annd i lent him :(4
Zosius > he is a bad CEO
Zosius > you must have been scammed
Zosius > joined a better corp man
Zosius > if ceo needs money for plex, it probably does not have future

Sending his CEO isk so he could buy plex. A normal thing to do in EVE. Especially sending all your money and be left with only 20.984. While these stories are entertaining, something doesn't feel right. And I do not mean the story. Rattlesnake seems to be still alive. On top of that, I see my drones are taking damage. Well I'll be dammed. The guy is actually shooting drones and tanking my 3 Navy Dominixes.

Zosius > you are tanking well
Bernard Erqui > you cant blame me for trying :(
Zosius > will need to work on my fits
Bernard Erqui > you tank setu is nice too
Zosius > ok man
Zosius > its really impressive
Zosius > you tanked me
Zosius > free to go

While me juggling my drones, I couldn't break Rattlesnake's tank. It was doubtful I could break him with continuous dps, but shooting my drones it certainly made it impossible. Also, the longer I waited the higher risk was for me to get ganked by someone else. I decide to end it and get out. It's important to know when you are getting nowhere and get out before things turn for the worse. And in w-space, you never know who might be watching you.

Bernard Erqui > you're up 400m man
Zosius > yea
Zosius > will need to adjust my setups
Bernard Erqui > minus some drones
Zosius > i never had anyone tank me so well
Bernard Erqui > dude I solo tank c4 anoms in this :)
Bernard Erqui > this is a beautiful tank
Zosius > show me the fit
Bernard Erqui > Deception Fades
Bernard Erqui > seriously well fought, man
Zosius > i guess in need some dps mods
Zosius > well tanked
Bernard Erqui > mind if I see your fit?
Bernard Erqui > one of corpmates wanted to try rr domi setup.
Zosius > Lμcγ zs
Bernard Erqui > I have to get to work now, but ciaio
Bernard Erqui > o7
Zosius > o/

I don't know what happened. It's first time my 3 dominixes couldn't break a ship's tank. I looked at my fit. One dps mod with tank in lows, giving almost 580 dps. Multiply by 3 and it's not something to be trifled with, but it was not enough this time. I pack my stuff and warp to safe spot.

Unexpected opportunity

Just as I was about to do my thing, I see the guy go offline all of a sudden. That's strange. I do not know if this is his home wormhole and if he logged at pos, but I follow my gut and go check it out.

I warp to range and I see the Rattlesnake in space, with no tower near by. I don't get too excited. If he disconnected by accident and is planning to get back, there's nothing I can do. I still won't be able to kill him. However, if he logged for real, I should be able to break his tank since when user is logged, ship does not receive any bonuses. And also he won't be shooting my drones.

I quickly get to him and try to finish the job. Even when he is logged, his shields are slowly going down. Dear lord, talk about tough tank. In the end, I manage to break through and his ship is no more.

Look at those mods. Every single slot is dedicated to shield defense. It probably is not most efficient way to rat in the c4 anomalies, but it sure can take punishment. It's impressive. It also got me thinking, what should I do if I encounter such ship again. Do I leave it be, or do I need to sacrifice my tank for a double drone dps mod? Solo multiboxing 3 remote repair ships, I prefer to have extra tank, but it is always painful to have your prey let go. Thankfully, this time it was a happy ending.


  1. Why didn't you just take the ship?

    1. What do you mean? I cant take a piloted ship

  2. Having never encountered this, I assumed that when the pilot logged off, the ship would be boardable. How is this different from the "log off safely" option, or is there any difference? Thank you in advance for the explanation.

    1. Log off safely takes 30 seconds to disappear and you can see it until disconnected. Simply quitting the game, ship does emergency warp and disappears after 1 minute. Unless you have a timer after engaging in any activity (pvp,pve), then it will stay in space until timer runs out, which is 15min.

  3. Hmm my nighthawk with a similar fitting tanks 1k dps, this rattlesnake tanks about 1500dps, more with some good implants. Might be nice to dualbox that.

  4. Not sure what you have on your multiboxed Domi's, but a single Heavy Neut would have shut off his thermal hardener and you'd have had him (with the right drones).

    BTW, that's not a crack at you, you never know what you're going to find, and I really like the idea of your multi-Domi's. If I could get my head out of my ass I'd try the same thing, as I have run into a brick wall of engagable targets with my dual T3 cloaky setup.