Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stabilize my warp core, baby

Wormhole is not the only place I pick my targets in. It's the main environment I use for my hunting grounds, but I am no stranger to k-space either. No stranger to low-sec to be more precise. I can't explain why, but I feel much more safe in low-sec than in null. It's a sort of fear I have, to be swarmed by mass of ships from those huge alliances. Some people consider low-sec to be more dangerous. I especially had hard time convincing people to gank low-sec targets and similarly, I had almost no motivation to do null pvp due to certain death of my pod.

Since I stick to low-sec or high-sec for my movements, I often find opportunities. Like one system I entered and found two Retrievers just casually mining ore. I couldn't help myself.

I did a pit stop to make a reminder that mining in low-sec can have consequences. If I would be living there again, I would be baiting in mining ships every day. Feels like a guarantee kill if it's not the local attacking you. Of course, if something just feels too good, I always double check the killboard. It feels like cheating with a map hack or something. Such powerful intel within reach of few clicks.

I continue in search for a new system. Some have few people.

Some have a lot.

I will stick with few, thank you very much. I know I wanted to do risky stuff, but damn... solo fighting a whole fucking corp is just too much. I just can't effectively manage my Domi fleet against more than few opponents. I settle down on the wormhole when a wild Megathron appears.

Then quickly burns back to wormhole and jumps out again. For some reason everyone likes to use a Megathron class battleship to close their wormhole connections. I set a close orbit and wait for him to return. After a minute I hear another jump sound. That's too fast for the guy to be back. I watch and see another battleship decloak. Same corp, different pilot. I decide to take it. I decloak, tackle the Megathron and burn for the bump.

I am lucky so far to keep him at 6km off the wormhole. A few good bumps give enough time for my Domi fleet to arrive. Meanwhile, a Mega pilot had his own reinforcements on the way. A Gila jumps in and tackles my Proteus. A glorious battle began.

I was winning. I was holding both of them, but once Gila's pilot saw fight was not going in their favor he jumped out. I could have jumped after him while my Dominixes finished off the Megathron, but did not react fast enough. The battleship went down quickly and after checking the kill mail it was clear why.

A full rack of warp core stabs. How did this ship die is beyond me. He could have just warped off without an issue. I guess smartbombs are to insta kill a tackling frigate, which is a nice idea, but I doubt he had to use it in action as those two cap rechargers will not help much with capacitor. I'm happy with the kill, but also a bit puzzled. Was the guy in panic when I got to him? Did he forget what fit he had on him? Perhaps he was so close to jumping back, he did not think to escape. In any case, another ship with warp core stabilizers went down. You are welcome, universe.

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