Monday, October 26, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - The Redemption, Part 1

It's exciting to do ninja salvaging again. While game mechanics changed greatly during my 5 years of EVE, the reaction I get when visiting carebears is still rather the same. I still often get carebear stares:

Or receive fan mails:

When there are few targets, I often will visit miners. A routine check if they have any ore in cargo containers for the taking.

Unavoidably, at some point you will also become a hot topic in local.

But the goal is always the same: get a mission runner to shoot you.

I was salvaging wrecks when a Dominix opened fire on me. While he was almost 40 km off, I managed to burn and tackle him without much trouble. My ship goes 1k m/s, so there was a quite big time window for him to warp away. The fact that he stayed still at 0 m/s I took as a challenge to the duel. Once I start pouring dps, I get a convo request.

Oh, a wrong target. I've had heard this before. It's so strange that I only hear this when I gain an upper hand. I wonder if I would get the same reaction if my ship was losing the battle and was about to blow up. As a good guy I am, I offer a way out.

Things were looking up. I state my terms and it looks like I'm about to get paid.  Steven, on the other hand, had different idea on how ransoms work.

When you are in this kind of situation, you only get one shot. Once mission runner learns his lesson, it's very unlikely he will shoot a suspect again. For some reason, everyone wants to be let go first and send money "later". I haven't tried this ransoming model, but I'm pretty sure the pay rate would be close to 0%. I'm sticking to old fashioned, proved ransoming methods.

There is always a compromise. Steven was more confident in sending 200 mil ransom with 100mil increments, I had no problem with that.

Once 100mil was in my pocket, half ransom was already paid. Unfortunately, half ransom doesn't qualify, so I promptly asked him to send the remaining isk, preferably before his ship explodes.

Carebears are always playing the victim. But when warp disruptor is off and they are on their way to the station, attitude changes drastically. If anyone get's paid by releasing first, please let me know.

Time was passing by and Dominix was slowly entering structure. Steven seeing he is not going anywhere with his "I pay at the station" strategy, finally transfers the missing 100 mil. He claimed it was his first battleship that he worked for "really hard" and presumably, he did not have any spare isk to buy a new one. But here we are, extra 200mil is sitting in my wallet, enough money to buy a replacement Dominix. I have yet to meet a carebear who is completely honest with his financial situation. But now, with ransom paid, everything should be in order. Well, not quite right.

To be continued...


  1. Gotta love when the carebears shoot you in high sec first without sending a duel invite. Happens to me all the time. I micro warp away and watch them go boom by way of concord. Then i loot and salvage their wrecks on them and random the loot back to them.

  2. How very heroic of you.

  3. You're a horrible resident of New Eden..... will you be my friend? :)