Monday, October 12, 2015

In Bob I trust

I'm trying to find a nice cozy place to settle in, but Bob just keeps on giving. I jump to a c4 and immediately notice something is up. It only takes a few d-scan clicks to get a hang of situation.

Looks like I'm just in time for the wormhole rolling party. That's my assumption at least. Too bad it is so late, otherwise I would just sit tight and wait for events to unfold. Instead, I decide to scan the system out, completely exposing myself. I was tired and putting half heart in it. Normally I would try to do a quick scan of the wormhole they roll to try an ambush, but i just turn on "fuck this" mode and sweep the whole system. For sure locals have seen the probes. I park my Proteus on the wormhole and get ready to sleep.

Fast forward 20 minutes and I see their scout jumping in and out of c4. Interesting. I am pretty sure this signature was new to them and with so much time passed since probes were out. it's only natural to think that I might not even be in the system anymore. I decide to wait a little bit and see what the locals will do. There is some activity in the system. I got at least four ships at one time on scan.

Soon I see a Megathron land on the wormhole. They are actually rolling their new connection! I set a close orbit and wait for battleship to come back. Mega jumps back, I decloak and get ready. Pilot was waiting using his session change cloak timer to the end. Probably seeing neutral Proteus was a surprise and he was assembling a backup. That's my theory anyways. My Dominixes were also on the way. I jump in and start working on the Megathron. He went down shortly after his teammates landed. I started to lock everyone in a bit panicky mode. Having multiple neutral ships on overview before setting up a spider tank can be messy. Suddenly I see my secondary Megathron is 100km off me. Wait what? I know I had a lock on him and pointed.

Ah, he must have Micro Jumped out of this one. Especially if his fit was exactly the same as his, now dead, friend. I try to grab a Devoter, but he just bails through the wormhole. Oh well, it was fun. Luckily, there's enough mass for me to go back and I take my leave. What a day.

Bob sure has been generous. Sometimes, the only thing you need is to have faith.


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have played Eve for a few months at a time with lengthy gaps between subs for the last few years. I have been on the fence about coming back and your blog series on ninja salvaging had me laughing so hard I snorted tea out of my nose. Weird thing was I was drinking coffee. Anyway, thanks, you have given me he inspiration I needed to break free from my old boring high sec lifestyle.

    Are there any additional basic tips you could give a would be ninja salvager?

    1. Much appreciated for the kind feedback. Surely helps me to keep going. Regarding ninja salvaging, nothing new i can say. I covered everything in a ninja salvaging guide. The rest is situation based things. So just learn via trial and error and join a ninja dojo channel.

    2. That's great then. I will definitely do that, if I could venture a few questions though:

      1) Until I persuade a buddy to come along with me, and given my reluctance to multi account, is it feasible to do this totally solo?
      2) is ninja dojo a Corp, or a chat channel (or indeed a collection of chat channels).

      Many thanks for your time.

    3. Chat channel. Solo is possible and many do it. Dont expect to kill high end ships, but cruisers, battlecruisers and shit tanked battleships should be no issue. Active tanked ishkur should do the trick.

  2. You are a scholar and a gentleman. I will dedicate my first harvest of tears to you.