Friday, October 2, 2015

Size doesn't always matter

I moved to a new home. After the Megathron and Orca kills I figured my cover might be blown here. Besides, system had a strange vibe anyways. The c4 connection, that Megathron tried to roll, was still active and I thought, what a heck. So I went in. Corp with 19 members should be a walk in a park, right? I wish.

It all started quite innocently. I was watching guys at the tower, have their corp members mapped and added to watch list and all was good. New system looked promising. Corp was active and no anomalies indicated they do farming frequently. All I needed to do was to wait for my moment. The more I waited the more excited I got.

Two Rattlesnakes and a Dominix appeared with few extra pilots logged. Would be a tough gank, but I think I should manage. Probably half of them would run away anyways.  Then one additional Rattlesnake logged in and they all three warped to a poco, which was just coming out of reinforcement. Of course I was not smart enough and warped to a planet at a range, which dropped not too far from the customs office.

Talk about close call. Fortunately I burn off direction of the tower at my turtle speed while maintaining my cover. Finally full gang arrives and starts shooting the customs office.

Just look at that. All those targets for the taking. Wait, what the fuck I am thinking? There's no way in hell I can fight them.

Dat spider tanking. How come this small corp has a fleet, the size my old 70 member corp had trouble assembling. These guys must be just few friends with a lot of alts. But that doesn't change anything. I'm one guy with 3 alts too. I continue with my watch until one random d-scan click reveals something interesting.

Well hello there, a random bomber fleet. In one second they all disappear. I guess I was extremely lucky with my d-scan timing to be able to spot them. I wonder if these guys spotted them also. If yes, they probably won't move out of the pos for the rest of the day. But they do, only this time, it's 5 Dominixes and Armageddon. They all warp to the next customs office.

Oh shit, this should be good. Either they didn't see the bomber fleet or they don't give a fuck. Might just make myself comfortable and enjoy the show.

Few moments later:

This is it boys and girls. Place your bets. Who will come out ahead? Bombers or battleships? I watch bombs obliterate all drones from the field and Domis just sit there with their dicks out. Then it starts raining with torpedoes.

I would love to lock the primary and see how is it doing. Torps continue to drop, but I see battleship fleet is relaunching drones and getting organized. That Domi must have been pvp heavy buffer fit or they were super effective redistributing reps. I can only guess how close they are. Unfortunately, bombers warp away and there's not a single wreck on grid. That's disappointing. I almost was tempted to convo random bomber dudes to offer assistance, but then remembered this is EVE and that probably I would be the one end up dead. Not that my three Domis would have made much difference. Probably not.


  1. Great read, thanks for making it worth it.

  2. It's always nice to witness a fight you're not part of. Quite educational, usually!

  3. Nice blog, I will check out the other content on here later tonight.