Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vacation time

The time for my vacation has finally come! While normal people have their vacations in Summer I took a time off in Autumn instead. Everyone is back and full up to speed by now. Meanwhile, I will be making an old dream of mine come true by visiting Japan. I'm an otaku that used to consume anime like a junkie. Something I barely do anymore. Hopefully visiting Akihabara district will reignite that flame.

People in w-space can relax as there will not be any stalking and ganking done for the next two weeks. There has been quite a lot of action lately though, so I have several stories scheduled. Stay tuned! And finally, I wish everyone a great day. Fly dangerously o7.


  1. Have a great break, allow your hunting grounds to grow unaware that you will be back!


  2. Have a good trip, looking forward to more tales of space murder after your return!

  3. And you fly safe, ok? O7