Saturday, September 26, 2015

Artistic battleship

When I started using Linux, I've read somewhere that it's not advised to launch EVE via launcher. I did not pay much attention, because launcher seemed to work, but learned it the hard way, that it doesn't really work. I haven't yet tried to multibox and it looked like I won't try today as I couldn't select switch account due to over sized overlapping video.

I end up booting back to windows whenever there's action to be had and lately there has been a lot of potential opportunities since I moved to a new system.

The corp doesn't look that much threatening based on the killboard, but they sure seem active. Ships swapping here and there, two Orcas at the tower give me a lot of hope. A hope for a good catch.

I continued to observe the environment. First step in stalking is to know your opponent. I try to figure out their ships, their activities, pilots, all while waiting for my chance. This particular corp likes to put bubbles on each of the wormhole.

Interesting habit I must say. Perhaps I can work this to my advantage. There are a couple of ways I imagine utilizing it. Perhaps having their hauler stuck under the bubble, perhaps I get backup fleet on the endge and tackle it while being safe within jump range myself. Possibilities are limitless, I only need to wait for the right moment.

While waiting for my moment, I noticed something strange. There were wrecks on d-scan at some tower. A quick check on the killboard shows some interesting information.

Tower is bubbled, so it all makes sense. Sort of. There is another hostile entity living in it and they probably got dragged to the bubble near the tower. I don't know what would be the reason to warp a command ship there.

I'm not sure what to make of situation. System is kept clean, but during my stalking I am only seeing cloaky frigates warping around until a wild Megathron appears on the wormhole I have been watching. He doesn't belong to any of the corps. My guess would be that it's a rolling battleship as he quickly burns back and jumps out. Well alrighty then. He should be back in 5 minutes. I get into tight orbit and align my Domi fleet. I know he has a scout on this side, so I have to decloak as soon as I hear the jump sound. It might not be the Megathron and I have no way of knowing without eyes on the other end, but I will have to trust my gut.

Five minutes pass and I hear the jump sound. I decloak, burn to wormhole and wait for Megathron to appear. Here he is. I quickly tackle him and burn towards him for the bump.

All goes well. I keep bumping the battleship and he keeps trying to burn back. I keep him steady at 10km off. But where the hell are my Dominixes? They should be here by now. I open up window of my Domi pilot and see it casually sitting at the low-sec wormhole. How stupid of me, I am at c4 connection. I quickly order a warp to the right destination. Meanwhile, Megathron is scrambling his own rescue. I see a Falcon jump in. Thankfully, my Dominixes land just in time and I put so many tackles on Megathron, that Falcon doesn't even bother and warps away.

Rolling battleship gets quickly disposed. Pod warps away, despite me getting a positive lock.

It's always fun to see these rolling battleship killmails. They just look so...weird. Didn't the guy just slap Higgs Anchor rig to increase the mass and then put two nano fiber structure mods that decrease mass? Then we have a plate that is not even 1600mm size and 4 overdrive injectors that increase speed, which in the end wasn't really that helpful. If we considered fitting as an art, what did the artist try to say?

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