Thursday, September 17, 2015

The tidiest wormhole corp

Approaching your prey is very exciting. You wait for the right opportunity to make your move, all while blood flowing stronger and stronger as you get closer. That inevitable moment when you will decloak and tear him to pieces.

Mandatory jaws theme reference

This is it. I am within point range. I will decloak, overheat my microwarpdrive together with webifier and I should be on top of him before he realizes what's going on. Here I go.

Are you fucking kidding me?

True meaning of stalking

Some time ago I covered a Tengu gank. One might think if I have been taking a break from the wormholes since then. Not exactly. After killing that Tengu on my first day I decided to wait for a second opportunity. The wormhole was very clean, with no anomalies and signatures present. I figured I should get my chance rather sooner than later. Boy, was I wrong.

Day after day I would watch the locals and patiently wait. Problem was, that while they were active, they were too active. Every time I logged in, there haven't been any signatures or anomalies which means no gank opportunities. I watched the guys mostly sit at pos. Not most exciting thing to do so I kept myself busy with other things while keeping one eye open.

When I stalk particular wormhole, I usually have local corp watch listed. It is so I know there is activity without the need to get actual visual. When there are people logged, I don't normally scout much. Reason is so I don't get compromised. If someone happened to check d-scan at that specific moment, or jump to the same wormhole, my cover would be gone and chances are, nothing would happen for the rest of the day. So I usually orbit towers or wormholes with maximum jump sound turned on - Cloaky Bastard style.

Days were passing by and I started getting second thoughts. I started to take risks and scout surrounding systems. Having only several hours a day to play EVE, I am subject to luck. As everyone else. I'm sure a lot of activity happens when I'm logged off, but it was getting ridiculous. It's been over a week and every day system was clean as a whistle. If there's an example of over committing to something, this must be it. I was ready to pack my bags, but Bob gave me a sign.

That's a fresh new anomaly after downtime with locals present. I think I can stick around for a little while longer. The guys at the pos were getting restless. Various ships being swapped and before I know it, two Dominixes warp to the anomaly. Praise the Bob.

I quickly try to log in my Domi fleet. Now here's the tricky part. I am logged in linux and launcher doesn't do shit. I can't launch extra clients. Can't even make quick auto screenshots as I'm used to. Shit, I am so under-prepared to gank in linux environment. I'll be damned if let these Domis go. I quickly warp to safe spot, which thankfully is out of d-scan range, reboot and log back in to my windows environment. Thank god for SSDs. I come back online probably just few seconds after my logoff timer has expired. I warp to my position bookmark. They are still here, shooting sleepers. That means I haven't been spotted! I land right on top of them and bring in the big guns. Time for a Domi slugfest.

Yeah, baby! Everyone is spider tanking and swarm of drones are flying around. Once I have my chain setup, focus aggro and allocate cap neutralizers, I start to come out ahead. Few minutes later, I'm the one that is left standing. I quickly check the killmails to see if anything shiny was dropped and immediately warp out back to safe. Both Dominixes were fully t2 fit, costing almost 300mil a piece.

Almost 600mil in damage. Some may frown upon at me for stalking for so long and killing only two simple battleships. Regardless of damage inflicted, it's all about the journey and I can tell you, it's very rewarding. I get my stuff and exit at the nearest low-sec wormhole. Time to find a new system. Who will be next?

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