Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The game is up

One might think: "when is it a good time to move to the next wormhole to stalk?". I'm glad you asked. There is no rule of thumb. Worst thing in EVE you can do is to be predictable. It is rather hard to do that, when you close yourself out in random wormholes and all your kills have the same fleet. I will be an open book for anyone who looks up killboard. When I was in a corp, I could use this to advantage. Bet on them thinking it's only me and my Domis, when I had whole corp fleet on standby. I'm getting off track here...

There's no fixed schedule when to change location. It is all about gut feeling. If I feel I can score more than one kill in a wormhole, I might stay. If I feel the game is up after one gank or even no gank, I will not waste my time. There are some factors that help to make decision.

After killing MariusKs23's Paladin, I stayed around. One reason was I saw him in a new Paladin and decided to give another shot. Another - wormhole had c2 and c3 statics. It was very convenient to scout next door systems and get kills. I suspected that something was off.

The guy was logging in and logging off in 5 minutes. I had a feeling I was watch-listed as it was hard to explain such behavior otherwise. It all became clear once I was congratulated with my Legion kill in local. I could play mind games and pretend I am not there anymore, but instead, I decide to move.

Journey continues

I packed my bags and set on a journey.  I enter one of the systems just in time... for something.

There was intense chatting on going. Unfortunately nothing I could have interrupted. Everyone was in the cloaky ships. Otherwise, it is always hilarious when a third party joins in on the fun out of nowhere.

Next wormhole I find a... bait Tengu?

Not sure what he is up to sitting at those pos modules, but I'm sure as hell not gonna do anything about it. Not until he does something. To my luck, Tengu warps to the only anomaly in the system. I follow.

I like this view. My Domi fleet is standing by and ready to come in on moments notice. I wait for the right moment and grab Tengu. It may be experience, but everything goes quite smoothly. Strategic cruiser is tackled, Domi on the field, spider tank is set, all is going well. In fact, it goes so well, that I decide to do what I normally don't - to killl an mtu first.

I'm quite tired of trying loot fairy twice. I usually ignore an mtu, because my strike has to be swift as many things can go wrong with each minute passed. Soon Tengu falls and I get to enjoy my loot, approved by the loot fairy

Maybe it's me, but I hardly find any expensive ships anymore. I don't know why. Prices of deadspace and faction mods are at historic lows, however a killmail full of blue and green loot seems to be as rare as a killmail of a unicorn.


  1. Too bad you didn't find him the week before, his Tengu loss was worth twice as much and had those blues and greens you like to see on killmail.

  2. I almost tried to click the tengu to scroll in for a closer view. I stopped myself :P