Sunday, September 20, 2015

King of the hill

I like high-sec connections. It's like a fountain of life for wormhole dwellers. Anytime there's a good connection, you can expect some traffic. Jumping to one such exit, my interested is piqued by a faction police orbiting the wormhole.

Quite obvious someone with low security status was passing by. It's a small chance it will be a wormhole dweller. While there are some guys doing low-sec pvp, it's quite rare to see one with below 2.5 sec status, since it's a 0.5 system.

I settle in and orbit the exit for a little while to watch the traffic. I see some people go back and forth. Suddenly an Occator, deep space transport, lands on the wormhole and jumps to high-sec. Interesting. System is Shokal which is 6 jumps out from Amarr. I have a good guess where he is heading. I quickly log in my Amarr alt and sure enough I see the Occator pilot in local. It's quite an advantage to have an alt in each high-sec hub. I patiently wait for Occator to finish his business at the station.

In some minutes he undocks. I run ship and cargo scans on him and it looks like a fuel run. Ship scan also reveals that he has at least 2 warp core stabilizers fitted. My Proteus has only 4 scram strength on it which won't be enough to keep deep transport ship in place. I carry spare tackle modules in my cargo hold. Thinking fast, I rush to high-sec, which luckily has a station, and swap point and sensor booster for two additional scrams and go back to the wormhole. Meanwhile I keep my Domi fleet on close orbit on the high-sec side to have eyes both ways.

As predicted, Occator finally lands. If I'm lucky, he will drop out 7km off the wormhole and I should have enough time to tackle him and do some bumps to keep him from jumping back. It's a big IF, so let's see if RNGesus likes me.

He jumps! I decloak and break my 2.5km orbit off the wormhole and burn directly to it. Occator shears his session cloak and I throw all my tackle mods on him and burn at full speed to do a bump. All goes well, a bump was perfect and we are at 10km off the wormhole.

Suddenly a Loki decloaks and tackles me. Oh shit. That's unexpected. Of course I wasn't the most stealthy guy by jumping and moving my Domi fleet to high-sec, but I was still surprised to find out I was not the only cloaky ship orbiting. Then a Falcon decloaks and a Vexor lands. Occator warps out as I get jammed, but at this point I don't care that much. I moved from plan A - shoot an Occator, to plan B - shoot everything that moves. I bring in my big guns. They want a fight? Then they will get a fight.

Of course in the heat of battle you tend not to follow on such important details, such as how much mass does the wormhole have left? Turns out, my last Dominix made it critical. Looks like I'm not going anywhere. The only way I get out of this in once piece is by forcing their fleet out.

I am pleased not to see any big reinforcements coming in to our little fight and so I force them, ship by ship, out to high-sec. Occator is nowhere to be seen, which is a bummer, but with Falcon on the field there's not really much I can do. Soon I'm the only one left standing and warp back to my safe.

Good fight gentlemen. Let us meet again someday.


  1. I'm not sure about "gentlemen" with that falcon, but... Very good job keeping your head!

    1. I know my comment is delayed since I'm just now reading these past entries, but I just can't understand this logic!

      If game mechanics permit use of a Falcon, why shouldn't it be a viable ship to use??!!

      The goal is to win, why wouldn't they attempt to maximize their chances? Simply don't understand the hate.

      Great read as always, thanks!