Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fooling around in high-sec

There are times when stalking requires you a ton of patience and commitment. It's not necessary to overcommit to your targets and usually not advised, but there are some days, when I just do it anyway. Sometimes ganking someone can become a matter of principle. After killing a Tengu, I decided to stick around for a second gank. The system was tidy and I just felt I may get a second opportunity. I had hopes here and there.

I was watching various ships at the pos, but nothing really materialized. I decided it was time to either move on or do something else. I went with something else.

Long time ago I have rolled two ganking alts. I wanted to try suicide ganking, but never really got around to do that. Time was passing by and characters were collecting dust. Not to waste all that plex, I decided to take them for a spin. I wanted to gank for one of the reasons: either for profit or for a cause. To gank for profit, you often need at least tornado or other battle cruiser sized ship and a lot of preparation and dedication. Since I was stalking wormholes, I was not feeling getting too serious about it, so I went with ganking for a cause. And what better cause at the moment if not for the New Order?

I love emergent gameplay and the fact that we have an active cult running in game is simply amazing. It's even more hilarious that there are so many that take this way too seriously, namely miners. So I gave a shout to any available agents and went to the nearest high-sec system to start gan...err patrolling.

My first gank was a disaster. Me and few other guys tried to gank a mining ship, but without proper organization, we totally fucked up timers and got concorded before getting a kill. Afterwards I decided to take matters in my own hands. I logged in my nearest high-sec trading alt to act as a scout and a warp in. Before I knew it, I had my first mining barge kill. Of course as a knight of New Order I started selling mining permits.

I must say it's quite fun to bring pvp to the people that don't expect pvp. I bring pvp in the form of ganking, ninja salvaging and now suicide ganking. Of course I take on opportunities, like stealing ore from miners that put it to the can.

I really wished I had my main accounts nearby and not somewhere locked in wormhole. As a rule of thumb, you will always get opportunities, when you are least prepared to take them. Like this Hulk, that was not too happy with me helping myself to his ore.

Unfortunately, the alt I am using has barely skills to fly a ship. Otherwise I have a battle badger for such situations.

The fun part of such play is the local. Once you start enforcing the law and promote mining permits, system suddenly comes to life.

I had some reactions while ninja salvaging, but when suicide ganking, it's just on the whole new level. It was my first patrol and I got so many tears that I was totally overwhelmed. I rushed out to get more tear buckets.

In an instant I gained a lot of enemies. Some people tried to snipe my Catalyst, some tried to create ingenious traps.

Gaerri Burtonne was constantly talking in local about how he is mining in a belt while his corpies taunting me. Couldn't be more obvious bait. Maybe they were not aware, but I had my covert ops scout watching them. I saw ships like Rifter, Astero. Some were on grid and some were warping and waiting for me at a nearby safe. It was so cute. Later the area was clear. I was surprised at first, but I knew something was up. So instead of using a ganking alt with a negative status, I warped in with a fresh one. Once I landed, I immediately saw an Astero and a Raven decloak and a Vexor warp in. I stuck around to see if they would shoot me.

Unfortunately, nothing much happened apart from a yellow box. Probably saved by the safety setting. I really was hopping for a shot and get them concorded. Regardless, it was an interesting bait. I don't know how they expected to get me. Cloak fitted battleship? Cloaked Astero? Good luck locking and killing me in time, with Venture as a bait. It just shows how clueless some people can be about game mechanics. Regardless, I enjoyed myself a lot. I'm pretty sure I brought excitement to some people too. Everyone wins.

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