Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changing gears

A lot of time passed since I left to unknown space to play on my own . After my wormhole corp has disbanded, I was trying to rediscover myself. Being fond of my pirate life in early days, I was trying different low-sec corps, but neither of them really clicked for me. I somehow always get attracted to w-space. I just can't help it. The unknown, random, with no local is a sandbox I really enjoy playing in. I was not ready to join another w-space corp just yet, so I went off on my own. I went on, as what I like to call it, "The Pilgrimage".

Thing with my soul searching travel, it has to have some purpose. In the past it was me taking a break from a corp play without really leaving the corp. I used to fly around and look for THE target (something shiny) or go back via pod express. While I got some nice kills and really enjoy the stalking part, I decided to change the gears to make things a bit more lively.

It's been a good run so far. Around 70 kills and 0 losses (if we don't count recent suicide ganking losses, more on that soon). It shows that picking targets and doing research can go a long way. Of course I've been quite risk averse, avoiding big time corps. However, I'm in a ganking and not in a good fight business.

To make stalking a bit more interesting, I decided I will try to start targeting bigger corps. Perhaps not the most elite pvp corps during their prime time, but will certainly try to be more opportunistic. One reason is that those corps can have good targets. For example they can farm surrounding systems and have more activity in general that I could take on. Second, I decided that I will be ending my Pilgrimage in a pod. I've had a good enough success that it's time to sacrifice myself to Bob. He gave me so much, it's only natural I give something back in return. That doesn't mean I will go YOLO on the first chance I get. It will still be me taking calculated risks, but focusing on bigger profile corps. There are a couple of people/corps that I will give a priority to be my targets, but won't disclose details just yet.

Future plans

I haven't decided what I will do next. I think a clean slate is necessary. I will do that by getting back to the empire in a pod and not just parking my Domi fleet at the next high-sec exit. I gave a lot of thought where to go next. I had ideas to look for like minded people, by finding "wormhole stalking partner/s". I even have a half finished post in my drafts to recruit people, but never really committed to posting it. Idea was/is to run a wormhole stalking corp for people with little time to play EVE. Perhaps I will work on this little dream of mine and make it a reality. Perhaps I will join a wormhole corp myself or venture to do other things. All I know, it starts with a fresh clone and that is the current target.

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