Monday, October 5, 2015

Everyone has an opening

It's quite interesting to be an observer in a hostile system. You observe and eagerly wait for your chance. It's proven to be difficult to find an opening against the current corp that I stalk. Despite it's size, they almost always have everyone logged in. To make matters worse, they are flying a deadly setup - spider tanked Domis, my weapon of choice. They don't seem to be too aggressive though. Here I see a Gnosis sitting on the wormhole, hoping for someone to bring a fight.

Nothing happens. Later I also have two Stratios trying the same play, but by another corp this time.

Still nothing. In fact, whenever there are hostiles in the system, locals are doing something strange. They all disappear from d-scan. I know they have some cloaky ships, but I have never seen multiple covert ops ships at the same time. It's either multiple battleships at the tower or nothing. Since I was watching wormhole connections for the most part, I was not able to see what method did they use to be off grid, but I got a strange feeling they might actually have cloaks fitted on those battleships. A theory I developed after seeing them warp to tower out of nowhere.

After a day of living in my new home, I've labeled the residents as carebears. All they do is farm farm farm. Having c5 static, they use that spider tank setup to farm c5 wormholes. They do some sites, go back home, roll the static, rinse and repeat. I haven't seen them farming myself, but that's a safe guess as I spotted a Noctis a couple of times coming out of the wormhole.

I usually keep eyes on a c3 static. I am not interested in a c5 all that much as anything that comes through such high class wormhole I will have a small chance taking it on. I pretty much gave up on ganking the locals as I don't have the firepower to kill their setup. Soon I will be looking for a new home. I do a d-scan check and see tower absent of ships. Again. My Domi fleet sitting outside d-scan range also doesn't find anything. I open my watch list.

Are they out farming again? Certainly did not go via c3 that I have been watching. I go to c5 and sure enough, I see a Noctis jump through, shortly followed by a fleet of battleships.

I think for a second if I should try and grab one of them, but they jump in groups. With sensor delay I probably couldn't lock in time. It would be too much luck involved without eyes on the other side. Besides, they might be running from a gank. It would be terrible if I got their battleship, only to find out there is a pvp fleet after it. I decide to wait. All battleships warp back to tower and I see an interesting sight on my d-scan. A Megathron appears! I know they like to use it for rolling the wormholes. If they are rolling it, probably no hostile fleet is following. Perhaps this can be my chance. I watch as Mega land and jumps through. Without eyes, I can only decloak when I hear the jump sound, but I know they have few cloaky ships going in and out. I might be decloaking for the wrong ship. If I wait for the Megathron to appear first, I might not have enough time.

Here it is, jump sound and Mega decloaks. Ah fuck, I was too late. One second hesitation will cost me a kill. However, to my surprise, it burns back to the wormhole instead warping back to the tower. Of thank Bob for lazy people. He is now polarized and I can kill him before the timer expires. Perhaps even take a fight if they come to save him in a disorganized way. I decloak and grab the battleship.

I also took into equation that wormhole is still not critical after his last jump, so I also have an exit strategy if things go south. This is as good opportunity as I will get. My Domi fleet lands and starts working on the Megathron.

In the end, no help came. I kept checking d-scan in hopes that fleet is in warp, but as thought, this corp is not aggressive type and will not engage. Perhaps they were surprised and did not know what to expect. I did not stay too long. Packed my stuff and moved out through that c5. An interesting fit. Perhaps I am outdated with wh rolling battleship meta, but I still have trouble understanding it.

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