Thursday, October 15, 2015

Saving new players from tyranny

Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Words to live by. New players often make the mistake trying to train skills to get into biggest ship as soon as possible. Inevitably, they lose that ship one way or another which ends up hurting them badly. Somehow I managed to avoid that. I remember to this day I stuck with my BC until quite late. Since I was focusing on exploration and BC was the biggest ship I could get into my most hunted DED 4 plex. It worked to my advantage and I only got into BS with decently polished skills and some knowledge on how to fit it.

I camp a wormhole with interesting neighbors this time.

It's a pvp corp and judging from their killboard must be US timezone based. Corp is over 150 members large, so there are several pilots already logged in EU evening. Vindicator caught my eye, but nothing materialized after watching them for awhile. I put their top players to my watch list and set an orbit on the wormhole that connects to their system. Who knows, maybe I will get a wh rolling Vindicator. Ha!

High-sec connection is end of life. But it doesn't stop this Drake from poking inside.

I narrow his position to an Ore site. Sigh. Out of all anomalies, he chose an Ore site. Of course he needs to clear the sleeper frigates in order to be able to mine it. Did he not see dying wormhole status when he went in? I quickly make a position bookmark, just in time when the last sleeper pops. While he was slowly burning for that blue loot, I initiated warp and tackled him.

Drake went down. I can't help but feel that I did him a favor. Just imagine all that wasted time while trying to mine ore with high-sec exit being eol. After getting back to my safe, I see a mail icon flash.

You have to be kidding me. That must be the first time someone asked me not to kill them via EVE mail. Couldn't think of more inefficient way to negotiate.

I congratulated him on trying wormhole space, but instead, I get a sob story how I just blew up a big portion of his capital. I check employment history and see the guy is almost 2 months old. Out of curiosity, I checked his corp and this is where I got shocked.

He was non other than a CEO of the corp. While trying to be a leader so early in career is cute, it was description that got me. He was inviting everyone, especially newbies, to join, offering "only" 3% tax vs 11% of npc corp. A newbie might think he was getting a good deal, while in reality, he was being used as a slave by CEO's greed. What kind of experience new players can expect from a leader that begs for his life via EVE mail and getting crippled by a Drake loss? Incident was reported to proper authorities.

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